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Okay….I have to admit it…. I am a seasonal blogger.  My last blog post was in the summer of 2014 – yes – 6 months ago.  Were you counting?  I hope not.  In the blogging world that amount of time without a post is death by ‘not’ posting – if you don’t blog your readers have nothing to entertain them and off they go to get their fix somewhere else.  I know this, yet I find that our life gets a little busy with the arrival of the much anticipated warm weather in the summer which rolls into back to school and all the Mini’s activities which then rolls us right into the Christmas season and then uh-oh, I feel a little blogging guilt.

Over the Christmas holidays I have to say I was re-inspired by all my fellow bloggers out there who (unlike myself it seems) blog all year round.  Imagine that?!  Our family spent the Christmas holidays at home – while the Mini’s enjoyed their new Christmas treats, Mr. Modern and I stayed in our sweats, enjoyed our coffee, ate too much chocolate and caught up on a little relaxation and reading.  For me, this meant that I had the chance to re-visit my WordPress and Bloglovin feeds to finally catch up with all the fabulous, funny and insightful posts that were waiting for me.  What a treat.

Now that January has arrived I feel the ‘seasonal’ blogging bug biting me again.  Why now?  Well, the weather in Edmonton for the next 3-4 months is definitely nothing to blog about  (unless you want to hear me cry about how cold and snowy it is here for too many months to count), the Mini’s are back in school, and I have a little creative energy that needs an outlet.  I am now ready to ramble on…

So I will start the new year with this little question

The Year Is Yours

and we will see where it takes me.



Heels are my kryptonite. I can stroll through any shoe store and be drawn immediately to the most impractical, fabulous stiletto heels in the store – and want them badly.  The key is NOT to try those types of shoe temptations on…cause if I do…I’m in trouble.  Then there are the times when I don’t even need to try them on – I just know – I want them.  This is the case with a little obsession I have with a certain little shoe with the red ‘look at my fabulous little shoe self walking away’ sole.

I know…. Normally I wouldn’t really entertain the thought (who am I kidding – I entertain the thought all the time) of paying so much money for a pair of shoes but I have a little ‘fun’ money that can definitely be spent on something a little over the top so I thought ‘What the heck – I should go for it’.  Which leads me to my heel problem – I have to be fashion savvy and be a tiny bit practical in my heel decision making – since the cost is substantial for a pair of shoes.  Practical?  I am not…  So this one is difficult.

The Christian Louboutin black pump is my end game.  That’s practical right?  A black pump goes with anything right?  Yet when I look at all the Louboutin black pump options it makes me a little dizzy.  How can the black pump take on so many personalities?  Platform, pointy toe, round toe, patent, leather, high heel, low heel, mid heel, toe cleavage, no toe cleavage – arrgghh – it’s all too much and I can’t decide!  I want the pump to be timeless and appropriate for work, but I don’t want to sacrifice the ‘high’ heel as I love a good 3 inch heel.

Here are my options:

Platform Pump – I am on the fence with this shoe style.  I like the look of the platform and it is a comfortable style of shoe to wear but sometimes the platform takes your outfit to the less conservative side of the spectrum.  The platform feels a little more ‘party girl’ to me.  Timeless?  Not so sure.

Pointy Toe Pump – I love the pointy toe pump – this is one of my favorite styles.  The pointy toe adds some kick to any outfit and I love wearing them with my skinny jeans for a night out or with a pencil skirt to work.  Only negative to the pointy toe pump is…your little toes can sometimes pay the price.

Round Toe Pump – This feels like the most conservative and less appealing pump option to me.  For some reason the round toe doesn’t do it for me – the round toe puts out a boring kinda vibe to me.  Although – the round toe has stood the test of time.  Timeless?  I would have to say yes and timeless is what I said I wanted but….

Peep Toe Pump – another one of my favorite shoe styles but I live in Canada where unfortunately winter takes over for far too many months to fully enjoy my peep toes.

So tell me – what would your pump of choice be?

Darn heel problems…..

Louboutin Love