Sample Sunday – Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Beauty Review

I arrived back from vacation last week and my August Ipsy Glam Bag was waiting for me. What a sweet treat to have on my arrival back home. I was even happier when I opened up my pink package as all of the items in the bag are looking like a lot of fun to try out.

This Sunday instead of going to my storage box of samples I couldn’t help myself and I tried a sample from my newest Ipsy bag. Usually I like to pace myself and try to get through some of my older samples before I try the newest arrivals but the products in the August Glam Bag are too fun to wait – great picks for August Ipsy!

Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick was my first pick to try.  The lipstick’s packaging slogan was Creamy, Badass Luxury.  Hello – I want to try you – I want to be badass….

The color I received for my sample is Anarchy…sounds badass right?  Well yes – Anarchy is badass – just not for my skin tone .  Although when I looked at the other colors that the lipstick comes in I now want to try F-Bomb, Catfight, Venom and Fiend – I don’t care what color they are… I’m a sucker for a fun name.

As I said before, Anarchy is not the color for my skin tone but I chose to overlook the color and test the product because if I like the product results then Catfight here I come.  Even Mr. Modern and my Mini’s commented that the Anarchy color ‘Really didn’t go with what I was wearing.’  Color aside, the lipstick really is badass in the application and wearability.  The lipstick glides on very easily and the color pigment is fabulous.  One layer of the color is all you need and the more layers you apply the more glam you go.  I found that I didn’t need to worry about any of the color overstepping it’s lip boundaries, as when applying, the color sticks where you put it so no lip liner is required.  Once on, the lipstick is very moisturizing and left my lips colorful and soft which is what we all look for in a lipstick, plus the color lasted quite a few hours.  Sweet deal.

I am in love with the Creamy, Badass Luxury of the Urban Decay Lipstick and I am now going to search for a color that is a more compatible with my skin tone.  Great sample find from Ipsy.

Revolution Lipstick collage


Sample Sunday – EOS Lip Balm Beauty Review

This Sunday is a rainbow of EOS.  I received my very first EOS in a swag bag at an event.  I found the little egg shaped lip balm at the bottom of the bag and thought ‘What in the heck is this?’   I opened the little pod up I quickly figured the mystery package out.

EOS(Evolution of Smooth) is a 100% natural lip balm – another great all natural product.  I am so impressed with the quality and quantity of natural products out there and EOS is now on my list of great natural product buys.  You can find EOS at the supermarket and drug store – so you don’t have to go on the great EOS lip balm hunt to enjoy the product.  Costco has the lip balm right now in a 4 pack for $10.00 which is a great deal.  So if you are Costco shopper, next time you are there, pick a 4 pack up.  It’s a great deal.

The lip balm itself is very moisturizing and gives your lips a little sheen so you can wear the balm alone or under your lipstick if you choose.  My lips are super soft after I apply and I find that I don’t have to apply as often as other lip balms that I have collected.  Although I tend to be a lip balm junkie and probably apply my lip balms more than needed.  The shape of the balm is also unique as it looks like a little dome of balm when you open it up.  The shape lends itself to easy, smooth and quick application – my Mini’s never really mastered the proper application of their other lip balms but the EOS has been a breeze for them to apply and they tell me it’s their favorite lip balm too.

Since first trying EOS I now give the little pods of balm away to everyone I know.  The Mini’s got their first EOS in their Easter baskets this year(the colors of the balms were perfect for the spring baskets) and the balms also fit into any gift bag as a little added extra.  EOS comes in the these sweet little flavors:  Summer Fruit ♥ Honeysuckle Honeydew ♥ Sweet Mint ♥ Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet is my favorite flavor – What’s your fave going to be?

EOS collage