My Story

Welcome to my Modern Mom Forever Blog

I am a 40 something, skinny jean wearing, make-up loving, clothes shopping, accessory collecting, shoe crazed,  wife to Mr. Modern and a mom to my to beautiful Mini’s.

I love to chatter about all things beauty(ful) and started my blog as a little creative outlet. I enjoy writing and the creative process of pulling a post together – and since my Mini’s and Mr. Modern are tired of hearing me ramble about all things girly I thought I would share some of my thoughts with all of you.  Hopefully my blog gives you a little giggle and you enjoy reading the ramblings of mine – a 40 something Modern Mom.

This Modern Mom cannot live without:

  • Pinterest • Sephora • fashion magazines • all things sparkly • Starbucks • hair color • MAC lipsticks • heels (the higher the better) • my Louboutins • coffee in the morning • my scarf collection • my make-up collection • my favorite handbag(s) • a great statement necklace (or two..or three) • a morning work-out • my iphone • Instagram • Chanel No 5 • my Converse and ballet flats (interchangeable shoes of awesome for a mom on the go) • my running shoes and workout gear


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