Spring Fever

April…I have been waiting a long time for you to arrive. Usually April is the first glimpse of tulips in my front garden, the neighborhood bunnies sitting under our trees on the new grass that has been under the snow for 6 months and the promise of no socks, ballet flats and a light jacket. This year it seems spring has been delayed in Edmonton – insert a sigh of impatience here.

It may still be a little winter-ish here but I can’t ignore all the pretty spring colors that jump out at me as I’m browsing all my favorite fashion sites.  Flirty little dresses, sandals, pastel jackets and pants, florals – all brighten up my day.

If we come to the end of April and there is still snow on the ground well….I don’t care.  I won’t be able to ignore my spring fever any more.  Look out snow –  my pastel pants, floral prints and ballet flats are coming out to play.

While I was hiding from our horrible weather I pulled together a little spring wishlist of pretty springy items that would most definitely chase my winter blues away.


1.  J. Crew Scarf – a must on my list to keep the chill away on the cooler spring days
2.  Dior Trianon Eyeshadow Palette – brighten up those eyes with pastel popping colors
3.  Christian Laboutin Pigalle Spike Flats – the Laboutin Pigalle collection of shoes are to      die for in their heel and flat version.
4.  Rebecca Minkoff Mini Perry Tote – love the color on this beautiful tote
5.  Rag and Bone Vespa Jacket – a fabulous alternative to the black leather jacket
6.  Marc Jacobs T-Shirt with J.Crew Statement necklace
7.  Rag and Bone Jeans – lighter jeans – It’s Spring……

I Dream of Tulle

Tulle, tulle, tulle – at the moment I am a little obsessed with the tulle skirt.  In my Modern Mom imagination I see myself doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, picking up the Mini’s from school, meeting for coffee, enjoying a glass of wine after a hard day of mom work- all done in a fabulous tulle skirt.  After all, the tulle skirt should be celebrated and worn so why not? Okay maybe not so practical for the mowing of the lawn but whatever.
Here is my tulle dilemma…I unfortunately have to come back to real life fashion reality even though I really do prefer the ‘I can do whatever I want, mowing the lawn in the my tulle skirt fashion reality’ but Mr. Modern may just think that I have finally lost it.
When I see a tulle skirt in a store I always try it on and for a few moments in the tiny, poorly lit change room that tulle skirt, as it swishes as I twirl, is making me the happiest girl.  I can’t really explain what makes me so happy about the tulle skirt – is it the layers of tulle, the volume of the skirt, the color?  All I know is, that in that moment, when I put the tulle skirt on I love what I see and how I feel in that beautiful skirt.
Back to reality – outside of the change room – the tulle skirt is really not all that practical for my daily Modern Mom stay at home lifestyle.  How many times could I really wear this fabulous skirt – a skirt that does not deserve to sit in my closet with no one to wear it.
At the end of the day I still would like to own a tulle skirt even if I only wear it a few times a year. Maybe I will add the skirt to my Christmas Wish List.  I’m sure Santa (aka. Mr. Modern) will see the value and fabulousnesses of the skirt – won’t he?