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A year has passed since I stepped onto the elliptical in my basement running my way to….. I wasn’t sure what at the time.  I knew I wanted to lose the few pounds that had accumulated while I was enjoying life (a little too much apparently) over the past couple of years.  Another motivating factor was my age – I am turning the 40 this year and there are 2 things I know for sure when I turn 40.  There will not be a gray hair on my head (well there will be…but no one is going to see them) and I will be killing it in my skinny jeans without a muffin top confined in Spanx.

My ‘get in shape’ mindset was – I don’t need to kill myself to lose a few pounds – slow and steady.  There I was, sitting and watching television (with the elliptical sitting right beside me – literally) when I thought – Why can’t I sweat a little while I watch my favorite show?  I’m spending the same amount of time sitting and watching television anyway so why not?  So I got off my plump(ish) little butt and started hill climbing on the elliptical 5 days a week for 30 minutes each time.  Nothing too stressful right? Hill climb on the elliptical while watching the Real Housewives – done.

PopSugar Active AppAfter a month of my elliptical routine I found a fitness app mentioned in one of my fashion magazines.  The article was really focussed on the newest workout gear for 2014 but in the bottom corner they had listed a few workout apps to get you motivated in your hot new Lulu’s.  A few minutes later the PopSugar Active app was up and running on my IPad, and as it turns out, this app was the best at-home workout that could have happened to me.  The app is full of 10 minute strength and cardio workouts that will kick your butt back into shape in a manageable amount of time at home.  Let me tell you – when I first started the workouts I was pathetic.  Some of the strength workouts I could barely get through and the cardio sessions….let’s just say I was sweating and almost near death (or I wish I was).  The ‘made for tv’ trainers made it look so easy.   I hated them – BUT….I WANTED TO BE THEM.  I wanted to kick butt right there with them and with consistent workouts I am now fit and strong enough for every plank, push-up, squat, jumping jack, and lunge they throw at me.  To me – this accomplishment was so empowering.

Remember my slow and steady mind-set?  Well it worked.  6 months later – I looked in the mirror and WTF!  I had abs….that you could see!  My muffin top and little mommy tummy had disappeared!  Let me tell you – the mommy tummy (that mystifying little pooch that you have after babies that never seems to go away no matter how hard you try) is no easy feat to get rid of.  15 pounds lost, 2 inches on my waist, hips and bust – gone.  Without really ‘over thinking’ my weight loss or how much progress I was making I was all of a sudden there – such sweet reward.

A year later I am still hill climbing on the elliptical, sweating and swearing in my PopSugar workout sessions plus I have added a weight circuit in the gym to tone my new found muscles.  I found that I had reached a plateau where my body results were kind of stuck and to ward off workout boredom I needed a new challenge.  I have my days when the last thing I want to do is sweat but I have to say that I never regret a workout and my workouts are a part of me now.  I never thought I would see the day when I ‘crave’ a workout – but I’m here, happy and healthy with a new outlook on my body and what I can accomplish – if I set my mind to it.



BareMinerals Bareskin Beauty Review

I’m most likely late to the party on this review of the Bareskin foundation as I purchased this product in the fall. However – the foundation made it onto my Top 10 list so I think it’s still worth mentioning on my blog.

BareskinThe Bareskin foundation is a brightening serum foundation with sunscreen (SPF20) built right in. It’s claim’s to fame are: brighter complexion, more even-toned skin, adjustable coverage with a no make-up feel.

Let’s give it at go.  Next stop – Sephora.  There I was, standing in front of the BareMinerals display, feeling a little anxious. There were lots of shades to choose from and….a brush.  What?!  Do I need the brush, if I get the brush how do I use the brush, the brush has a funny hole carved in the bristles, what the…. Yes, I was all consumed with this brush.  I had come for the foundation – not foundation and a brush – just the foundation.  So now what?

I needed to stop the insanity and get a little help.  Turns out with the help of a foundation ‘specialist’ at Sephora, the brush is indeed part of the package – if you want the full effect of the foundation.  I reluctantly have to admit, that after she showed me how to use the foundation with the brush I definitely agree.  I can now see that it would be difficult to effectively use the foundation without a giant mess and proper coverage if you didn’t use their brush.  Now I am a little annoyed that BareMinerals is making me buy this ‘special’ brush to apply their foundation to get the results that I want.  However, after the application lesson, I couldn’t deny that the foundation was great and despite my crankiness over the brush purchase the foundation is worth the money.

So for all of you lovelies out there who are also curious about the foundation and brush application I am here to enlighten you.

Foundation – drop a single drop (a drop is a good starting point – a little goes a long way) of the foundation into the middle of the brush.  I start the application on my cheek as it is a larger surface so I am able to control and manipulate the coverage better.  As you apply move the brush in a circular motion as if you are buffing the foundation onto your skin.  I then move onto my chin and nose using any excess foundation left from my cheeks and lastly I apply to my forehead.  I usually have to add a tiny bit more foundation onto the brush for my forehead and then any foundation remaining on the brush I use for touching up any areas that need a little smoothing.

Coverage – fabulous is the word.  The foundation is very workable and the variety of coverage options are endless.  I do find that if I use a primer the results are much better especially if you have dry skin or larger pores.  The foundation can look a little more visible if your skin is not prepped first.  One drop of the foundation will definitely cover my entire face if I am looking for a natural sheer look.  If I want fuller coverage (for workday/evening) I usually end up using two drops of foundation (in separate applications – let the first application ‘set’ for a minute or two before applying the second layer).  The first drop is the base and the second is the little extra you need to have more coverage all over.

Bareskin1 Bareskin Foundation

I had wanted to try this foundation based on the even skin tone and adjustable coverage claims and I was not disappointed.  I tend to have red cheeks and the foundation definitely evened me out – even with a light application.  Score!  I did find that the more layers of foundation that I applied the less the ‘no make-up feel’ felt.  However my face looks flawless when I’m done and the coverage lasts the entire work day.  Top 10 foundation for me…every day of the week.