Oh My Blog

Oh My Blog….How I have missed you.
I’m not sure where the time has gone but I do know the time has not been spent on one of my favorite pass times.  My poor blog has been neglected and I miss sharing.
Spring has arrived, mini vacations have been enjoyed and general Modern Mom chores have been keeping me busy, but in the back of my mind I am always thinking – if I get to the last item on my spring clean-up to do list I can sit down and chatter on my blog.

Well today is the day – I’m Back – For a quick little fun light hearted blog.

Last month we made our annual trip to my favorite adult destination – Las Vegas. I love Vegas for the drinks, the nightlife, the people watching, and of course,  the shopping.  Vegas is a feast for your eyes and I LOVE it – I can’t get enough of it actually. Where else can I window shop at Chanel and get my stripper shoes(kidding) at the same time a few stores down the block OR where else can I stand in a Starbucks line with a gaggle of 20 somethings with breasts a poppin’ at 9:00 a.m planning their day of drinking and guy chasing by the pool.  Heck I think I was a little jealous of the 20 somethings and poor Mr. Modern – he didn’t know what to do with himself…or his eyes.
My favorite daytime pass time is to window shop all the beautiful couture shops that I can only dream to shop in. I love looking in the windows to see all the items that I have seen in a magazine spread. The goods always look so much better in person – it doesn’t make me necessarily want them but I am in awe of their ‘awesomeness’. My Vegas ladies and I took a little tour of the Miu Miu showroom and had a little giggle as the salesperson followed us (a little too closely) through the store as we touched everything we possibly could get our little paws on. I’m sure he hated us by the time we were done…

Anywhoo – I always have to take some pics of some of the items I was a little obsessed with.  There is always a pair of shoes that makes me drool.  The shoe of choice this trip was Christian Louboutin’s Lady Peep Sling Spikes (in pic collage below)  I stood in front of the window worshiping the shoe and my ‘fashion practical’ friend said “Where would you wear those?”  I said – “Who gives a f**k.  These shoes would own any closet they sit in.”

Vegas Shops Collage




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