Heels are my kryptonite. I can stroll through any shoe store and be drawn immediately to the most impractical, fabulous stiletto heels in the store – and want them badly.  The key is NOT to try those types of shoe temptations on…cause if I do…I’m in trouble.  Then there are the times when I don’t even need to try them on – I just know – I want them.  This is the case with a little obsession I have with a certain little shoe with the red ‘look at my fabulous little shoe self walking away’ sole.

I know…. Normally I wouldn’t really entertain the thought (who am I kidding – I entertain the thought all the time) of paying so much money for a pair of shoes but I have a little ‘fun’ money that can definitely be spent on something a little over the top so I thought ‘What the heck – I should go for it’.  Which leads me to my heel problem – I have to be fashion savvy and be a tiny bit practical in my heel decision making – since the cost is substantial for a pair of shoes.  Practical?  I am not…  So this one is difficult.

The Christian Louboutin black pump is my end game.  That’s practical right?  A black pump goes with anything right?  Yet when I look at all the Louboutin black pump options it makes me a little dizzy.  How can the black pump take on so many personalities?  Platform, pointy toe, round toe, patent, leather, high heel, low heel, mid heel, toe cleavage, no toe cleavage – arrgghh – it’s all too much and I can’t decide!  I want the pump to be timeless and appropriate for work, but I don’t want to sacrifice the ‘high’ heel as I love a good 3 inch heel.

Here are my options:

Platform Pump – I am on the fence with this shoe style.  I like the look of the platform and it is a comfortable style of shoe to wear but sometimes the platform takes your outfit to the less conservative side of the spectrum.  The platform feels a little more ‘party girl’ to me.  Timeless?  Not so sure.

Pointy Toe Pump – I love the pointy toe pump – this is one of my favorite styles.  The pointy toe adds some kick to any outfit and I love wearing them with my skinny jeans for a night out or with a pencil skirt to work.  Only negative to the pointy toe pump is…your little toes can sometimes pay the price.

Round Toe Pump – This feels like the most conservative and less appealing pump option to me.  For some reason the round toe doesn’t do it for me – the round toe puts out a boring kinda vibe to me.  Although – the round toe has stood the test of time.  Timeless?  I would have to say yes and timeless is what I said I wanted but….

Peep Toe Pump – another one of my favorite shoe styles but I live in Canada where unfortunately winter takes over for far too many months to fully enjoy my peep toes.

So tell me – what would your pump of choice be?

Darn heel problems…..

Louboutin Love


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