My Make-Up Storage Solution

Finally – I have found a make-up storage solution that is pretty and functional. I had been using a train case that I had bought a few years ago from Sephora (read my post on my train case storage option).  At the time, my make-up collection was being stored in multiple drawers in my bathroom and I was tired of the cosmetic chaos so the train case storage seemed like a positive solution at the time.  My make-up collection was not as big as it is today so most of my beauty items fit quite nicely in the train case and I could see most of my collection for easy access. The only real drawbacks to the train case is the amount of space it takes up on the counter top (I had to have a little side table just to hold the case) and I tended to have to ‘stack’ items as my collection grew.

As a beauty junkie I am always on the look-out for new storage that could possibly make my make-up area more functional and pleasing to the eye. Did I ever mention that I am a bit of a nutty neat freak and I really like my surroundings to be, well….girly and pretty?

I discovered the Muji acrylic storage drawers while I was doing a little ‘research’ on YouTube, which is where I found this lovely little video tour of someone’s Muji drawer collection for their cosmetics. Holy Hallelujah was what I was thinking as I watched the tour – immediately I was sold as I envisioned the storage possibilities for my cosmetics.  That was it – the challenge to find a Muji drawer set was on….

I, Modern Mom, accepted this challenge and with a little searching online my mission was accomplished.  Now it seems that everyone else in the beauty world was also on the hunt for this sweet little drawer system.   It’s Murphy’s Beauty Law – when I have discovered a fun new item I am always a little too late to the party as everyone has already been drinking wine, eating the cupcakes and buying all the Muji drawers!  The Muji store site was sold out and the sellers on Ebay were charging the usual ‘we know you want this badly and can’t find it in the store’ prices and charging double the price as on the Muji site.  I sat and stewed at this dilemma for a few minutes, took a deep breath, re-grouped and kept looking.  A cup of coffee later, a little hard work and I had found a set of drawers online that were a fair price.  Checkout please.

Muji Acrylic Drawer Storage collageA couple of weeks later my drawers arrived and I took great pleasure in filling them up.  Each drawer is the perfect size for all my cosmetics including my eyeshadow palettes.  Storage for my palettes had always been my biggest issue – not any more.  The amount of make-up I can fit into the 5 drawers, quite frankly, amazes my organizational mind.  Everything that was in my train case now fits perfectly in the drawers and I can see everything without having to ‘dig’ around.  As a result, I find that I use a larger variety of the cosmetics I own because now I can see everything.  My five drawers are full at the moment with no room for anything else so I will need to expand in the near future.  The drawer storage sets do come with a 3 or 5 drawer option so I think that I may top up my storage capacity with a 3 drawer set to stack on top of my original 5 drawer set.  I love everything this drawer set has to offer.  Pretty and functional is a win-win in my world.

Muji Acrylic Storage collage


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