Sample Sunday – Bare Minerals Lipstick Beauty Review

Lately I just haven’t been feeling the Sample Sunday vibe for some reason but my samples would disagree as they have been stacking up over the past month so I have got to get back to it.  Now that I am back at it, I am feeling the sample groove again, and can’t wait to really dig in and get back on track with my weekly Sunday posts.

This morning I decided to get my ‘lip on’ and try out a lipstick sample that I received in my March Ipsy Glam bag.  I have been searching for a spring lip color that puts me in the ‘spring is finally here let’s celebrate’ mood – but have not had a lot of success. I am not that adventurous with my lip colors – which may explain my ‘can’t find a new lip color’ problem.  Normally the lipsticks that I receive in my sample boxes are usually an out of this world color and do not do my lips or overall look any justice.  The lipstick sample color that I tried this week is actually not too bad and I could appreciate both the color and the products virtues – all at the same time.

Bare Minerals - Marvelous Moxie LipstickBare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick (color – Get Ready) is – I found – a lovely little lipstick.  The color itself has great pigment and the satin finish application is very moisturizing – which I love, love, love.  Coverage of the lip color on the lip is very nice – you could go with one or two layers of the lipstick, depending on the vibrancy of the color that you are looking for.  The color pigment gives this lipstick nice versatility for the modest lip color wearers or the bold lip color wearers. The finish is definitely a moisturized lipstick look – your lips have a shinier look to them as opposed to a more matte finish lipstick (but then again they are not advertising as a matte lipstick now are they).  I would compare the lipstick look to Dior’s Addict Lipstick with I adore and use often or Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick which I tried and reviewed over the summer.

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie LipstickA few hours after I applied the lipstick I was still a happy mom running errands with my lips still looking mostly fresh. I could tell when I needed to touch up when my lips started to feel a little on the dry side. All I needed was one coat of lipstick on I was looking good again.  What more can I ask for…



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