Sample Sunday – Nyx Eyeshadow Beauty Review

Where does the week go?  Before I know it Sunday is here and I haven’t pulled my Sample Sunday post together yet! Thankfully I took my product pictures last week with my Bare Minerals Lipstick review so this should pull together quickly.

The Nyx Eyeshadow that I tried this week arrived in my March Ipsy Glam Bag – another drug store brand – which I am always interested in trying.  If you can find a lower priced eyeshadow that works well you can spend your beauty bucks on other pricier more coveted items.

Nyx Eyeshadow - Love in RioThe colors in the Nyx palette were very pretty and neutral so this sample was immediately looking like a nice daytime color combo to me.   The name on the palette is Love in Rio (soft pink, taupe and brown) – so pretty to look at in the packaging.  I usually wear 2-3 shades of eyeshadow and blend to a smoky eye so I used all three colors in my application.

The taupe went onto the inside corner of the lid and to highlight the browbone, the pink on the middle of the lid and the brown was the outer corner color with a blending of the pink and brown on the outer corner.  So here is my problem with this shadow….it’s not very blendable (as you can see in the image).  The shadow as an individual color goes onto the lid as expected and the color looks great – it’s when I tried to smooth or blend the two colors together that I had a little difficulty.  Once the shadow was on my lid it didn’t really want to play with any other shadow colors.  I did get some blending but not to the effect that I would normally like to achieve.


Nyx Eyeshadow - Love in Rio collage










If you are looking for a shadow that you use an individual color only in your application this Nyx eyeshadow is a reasonable pick.  I have used each individual shadow color and just worn it as it’s own and all was good – however when I see a palette I want to play with them all together.


A Happy Blog Birthday

Happy Blog Birthday - CupcakeI recently read a post on Spring Cleaning your Blog and it got me thinking.  Does my blog need a little tidy up or more importantly… Do I want to tackle a tidy up?  I know that my type A personality will take over and I will end up spending hours tweaking and changing up my blog.  I decided to take a preliminary looksie on my dashboard just to see if anything were to jump out at me for a quick tidy up.  I was going through some of my posts and as I neared the bottom of my post list I realized that today, March 25th, is my blog’s birthday!  Yes – It has been 1 year since I posted my first blog post – I guess you would call this an anniversary but I like birthdays so my Blog’s Birthday it shall be.

My first year of blogging has been so much fun for me as I love the process of putting together a post and then my share ideas and thoughts with a click of a button with people everywhere in the world.  I do most of my blogging while the Mini’s are at school and I love my ritual of coming home, lighting a candle, enjoying my coffee and creating a post.  I started Modern Mom Forever as a blog to reach out to the Mom’s out there who are looking for a little Mom style inspiration, beauty ideas or just a good little giggle at reading the adventures of a fellow ageing mom on a quest to be my best self.  I do like to make a teeny tiny bit of fun (okay a lot of fun) of myself in my posts as I know we are not all barbie dolls and sometimes we all need a little help.  Besides if you can’t laugh at yourself then you are in no position to laugh with others.

❤ Thanks to all of my followers who read my ramblings – I truly appreciate it.  There is something very rewarding in seeing that there are people out there reading and enjoying my blog.  When I first started blogging I was truly amazed at the support in the blogging community and how many bloggers are out there sharing their passions on so many different topics.

To celebrate my first blog birthday I gave in and not only tidied up the content but my blog’s look is a little different as well.  I find that the way I want my blog’s overall look can be changed up just like my style can be changed. So I chose a new theme to refine my blog’s look and I went with a very basic minimalist look with a monochromatic color scheme which I find is very easy on the eyes.

Over this past year I have posted 79 posts on a variety of topics.   I picked my Fave 5 to share with you again – although this was way more difficult than I thought it would be as all my posts hold a special place in my blogging heart.  I chose, I share, enjoy…

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