Sample Sunday – Benetint Beauty Review

Topbox featured Benefit Cosmetics for their January sample mailout.  Such a beauty treat to have a package full of Benefit samples.  I couldn’t wait to give them a go.

BenetintBenetint rose tinted lip and cheek stain received the first honors – Mostly because the product looked intriguing to me in both what the end ‘look’ would be and how I would get from A to B (A being the vial and B being my cheek) when I applied the stain to get the ‘look’.  The Benetint comes in a vial with liquid color in it – and – you apply the liquid with a teeny tiny little brush that looks like you should paint your nails with instead of applying a cheek/lip color. Yikes – I had to rack my beauty brain to think of the best way to make this work for me.  If I seen this in the store I would have run – Who puts liquid on their cheeks?!  Well as it turns out…I do.

Benetint Cheeks
I had to raise the white beauty flag and get a little help from the Benefit site to find out how to apply the cheek tint.  After my application research I found that all it takes a little guts for a lot of glory.
X Marks the Spot is the technique that was suggested and this is what worked for me.  With any type of stain you have to work fast so no humming and hawing over where you want to put the product or you will be sad with yourself.  The one advantage to Benetint is that you will most likely need a couple of applications to get the ‘rosy’ glow you are looking for (I know I did).  So the first application is great for location, location, location and the other layers of color are to get your desired glow on.
I have to say – the Benetint is brilliant – easy to apply (despite the initial what the ? look of the tint) and the overall look is a really nice subtle rosy, I’ve been out on the skating pond, kinda glow.  I love it!

Benetint Application Collage

Benetint Lips
The lip stain option is…..not for my imperfect lips.  Lip stains are very unforgiving and you have to be very diligent with keeping your lips exfoliated and super soft to have the effect that you are looking for with the stain.  Diligent I am not – so the lip stain is a fail for me.

I loved the look as soon as I brushed the stain on my lips – very pretty berry color.  However within minutes the stain had dried and settled into all the imperfections in my lips so the color ended up to be very patchy.  The stain was most visible on all of the dry patches on my lips and almost invisible on all the other parts of my lips.  Oh well –  1 out of 2 options for tint is not too bad.

Benetint Lip Stain collage



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