Work It….Even If You Don’t Want To

I hate to say it but it’s true – The older you get the more you have to work….on your body that is.
I really shouldn’t complain too much – 38 years old, on the thin side of the scale but there is a very fine, teeny tiny line that can be crossed if I don’t watch what I eat.
My ‘aha’ or maybe I should say my ‘Wtf – you posted that picture of me in my bikini….on Facebook!’ moment came a couple of months ago.  I swear Facebook is a guilty pleasure and curse wrapped up into one – but if you spend your holiday in a bikini, drinking and eating too much and then taking photos, well … stuff happens.  Live and learn.  I guess the silver lining to this is that the offensive picture (really it’s only offensive in my body image mind) has motivated me to get moving.
Let’s be honest – I had known before that fateful photo that I should really get to work.  My Mommy Tummy (this is the affectionate name I use for the little tummy pooch that never goes away no matter how hard I work my abs – I can thank my 2 Mini’s for this one) was getting a little ‘softer’ than I like.   Lucky for all of us, there are so many easy ways to find fitness info and work out programs.  Just a few clicks and you can find gazillions of at home work out routines.  I find it easier to fit into my day if I can do my workout from home as it cuts down on the length of time I have to commit to whole workout event.
Where did I start?  I took to iTunes and found the Popsugar Active App (they also have a Popsugar website with a good variety of workouts).   The Popsugar Active app has lots of great workouts for your all areas of your body – yoga, strength training, running and cardio.  With workout names like ’10 minute Workout to Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans’ and the ‘Look Good Naked Barre Workout’ how can you resist giving them a try.  I want to fit into my skinny jeans and look good naked – sign me up to sweat!  The great thing about the app is there are workouts that range in length from 10 minutes up to 40 minutes so you can always find something based on the amount of time your have for your workout.  I will say this – the Popsugar ladies in the workouts will kick your ass.  They mean business which is what we all need…right?
To get me a little extra motivated for my new routine I like to do a little workout wear shopping.   I don’t know about all of you but if I have a little something new to wear I have a little more spring in my step which is perfect for the gym – spring in your step = burning calories while looking good!
A few of my work-out gear essentials are below (numbered in the Work It Set):
1. LuLulemon Gym Bag
2. Suunto M2 Fitness Watch (time display, stopwatch, tracks your heart rate, calories burned and your heart rate zones.
3. Victoria Secret Incredible Sports Bra – a must for us Double D and over girls.  This is one of the best sports bras I have tried and the bra looks great under your workout top.  Workout cleavage and fun colors – what is not to love!
4.  PopSugar App for your iPad and iPhone – Get it.  It’s free.Beautysets - Work It...And Look Great Doing It

Sample Sunday – Yaby Natural Finish Foundation Beauty Review

An even skin toned face is a happy face in my beauty book.  This Modern Mom is not blessed with an even skin tone or small pores (really…who is…) so a good foundation is a product I am always on the look out for.  Ipsy’s January Glam bag offered me the opportunity to try out a new foundation – Yaby’s Natural Finish Liquid Foundation.

Yaby Natural Finish Liquid FoundationYaby is not a beauty brand that I have seen on any outings to any of my favorite stores, so I took a look online – Yaby is a Canadian brand and it looks like it can be found in specialty beauty locations and their Yaby website.  The foundation size I received in the Ipsy Glam Bag is the size that you can purchase online ($13.55 for 8 ml).  The Yaby line focuses on the ‘re-fill’ aspect of your cosmetics collection so any product you buy can also be purchased as refill.

Yaby Natural Finish Liquid FoundationThe foundation is a an oil free foundation and has a very smooth texture so the application is pretty easy.  I apply most of my foundations with my fingers and touch up any areas that need a little smoothing with my beauty blender sponge.  The finish looks very natural (as the packaging says), tones down my redness and disguises my pores very nicely all while looking like I have don’t have a foundation on.  Did I mention that the foundation disguises my pores….extra bonus points for this foundation! The foundation kept it’s finish for a good portion of the day and I did not have to touch up with a powder at any time.  Great pick from the Ipsy Glam Bag team!

Yaby Natural Finish Foundation Before and After