Sample Sunday – Pop Beauty Eye Shadow

Pop Beauty products – Ipsy Glam Bag loves to include Pop Beauty in the their sample bags and I love to try them. It’s a match made in beauty heaven.
I have already tried a few Pop Beauty products (lip crayon, eye liner and nail polish) and to be honest I am really not all that impressed with the line.  Drugstore brands are hit and miss and I find the products that I have tried so far are a miss for me, so I tried the Pop Beauty eye shadow with a ‘wee’ bit of skepticism.

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio

Eyes prepped (with primer), brushes selected, eye shadow ready (I almost broke a nail trying to get the container open – but I am choosing to overlook this minor issue).  I used all three shades when I applied the eye shadow and I was so happy with results.  The color pigment is comparable to other higher priced shadows I have tried and the blendability of the shadow is super.  I didn’t have to get carried away and apply layer after layer of the shadow to get the desired color that I was looking for and as I was applying there was little to no powder fall out.  I really couldn’t believe it…really I couldn’t.

Now after trying the shadow, I have to say – I am VERY impressed with the Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio (color – Naturally Bare).  Who would have thought?  The shades in the trio remind me of some of the colors in Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette – very easy on the eyes.

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Naturally Bare Eyes

This sample was a Pop Beauty victory for me.  Now if only I could buy this in the drugstores in Canada….sigh.  The good thing is my sample is the full size version so this little eye shadow gem will keep me going for a long time.


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