Sample Sunday – Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon and J. Cat Beauty Lip Pencil Beauty Review

First Sample Sunday of 2014!  I have kinda been a beauty lazy lady and have neglected my sampling skills…. Over the holidays I did sample a few things from my beauty boxes but have not made the time to actually pull everything together.  Resolution #1 – Stay Focused and Keep Sampling

Lip Crayons - IpsyLip Crayons are the sample of the day – I think I have received a different brand of lip crayon in every Ipsy Glam bag I have received over the past few months.  Overall, I am not a fan of the lip crayon.  Yes it’s convenient to throw in your purse and apply when needed but I don’t really find the color coverage of the lip crayon to be that great and I find that most of them don’t moisturize enough, so my lips end of up looking flaky if I don’t pre-moisturize (especially during the cold Canadian winter months).

J.Cat Beauty - Caramel MochaJ. Cat Beauty’s The Big Lip Pencil – color Caramel Mocha was the first lip crayon that I tried.  I pretty much have to ignore the colors that I receive in my Glam Bags as most often the color is not one that fits my complexion but it’s a sample so I go with the flow…  Application of the The Big Lip Pencil was smooth – the color coverage was good after two coats and my lips looked pretty good – mostly…

Pop Beauty - Coral CrushPop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon – color Coral Crush.  This crayon has a more sheer look after application and I found the color tended to hang up in the lines on my lips.  The more layers of color I added the more the pronounced the lines on my lips were.  I found that the color wore off quickly on the centre area of my lips and left me with a lip liner look as the color remained on the outside portion of my lips.  I am also annoyed that right after I opened and used the crayon for the first time the crayon broke – so if I turn the crayon upside down the broken crayon falls right out.   Not my favorite of the bunch.

Be A Bombshell - Hot DamnBe a Bombshell Lip Crayon – color Hot Damn.  This lip crayon is a hot something…  The boldest of the color crayons I received and tried.  The color coverage was good and I did not cringe with the results.  This crayon is not as moisturizing as the first two and I found the fade out of the color after a few hours reminded me a lip stain gone bad.  As long as you keep reapplying, this crayon does offer a good lip look comparable to the J. Cat Beauty Lip Pencil.

All my sampling of the lip crayons did not really win me over but in a pinch the J. Cat Beauty would be my lip crayon of choice – in a color that looked good…on me…


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