A T3 Treat for Modern Mom

Gift opening on Christmas morning is so exciting for our Mini’s. They are up at 6:00 in the morning waiting for us to get out of bed.  If I had known what Santa (aka Mr. Modern) had put under the tree for me I would I would have been up at 6 am right along with the Mini’s.
T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i hair blow dryerUnder the tree for me was a T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i hair dryer (followed with a squeal of delight).
I had put the T3 on my wish list – never thinking that my frugal Mr. Modern would ever spend that much money on a blow dryer. Mr. Modern loves me – so a T3 I shall have.  I do have to say that my warped little mind does enjoy the picture of Mr. Modern sauntering into Sephora thinking he is golden by picking up a hair dryer that should be $30.00 at the most (sweet deal he is thinking-my wife actually chose a reasonably priced item for her list). The look on Mr. Modern’s face when he saw the price of the T3 would have been priceless – I’m sure he had a small stroke right there in the store….

Me – I relish in the glory of my gift. I had read about the T3 in Allure a few months ago.  The dryer was on their Best of Beauty list (read the Allure link for the technology of it all) and after reading the review the blow dryer was a must try for me.

The main reason I wanted this blow dryer was to reduce the dry time and the frizz factor after blow drying.  With my economical $30.00 blow dryer (which Mr. Modern really, really wanted me to keep) I had to really be careful with my blow drying skills. If I didn’t manage my brush and the dryer properly I would end up with hair with so much bulk and frizz that I looked like I had just crawled out of a bush – not the best look – by the way.  I would end up having to flat iron the frizzies out.  I was looking for a blow drying experience where I could ‘dry and go’ without having to flat iron or give up and end up with a pony tail because I didn’t have time to fix after the blow dry.

Mr. Modern asked me – what on this beauty(ful) earth (well he didn’t really say it that way – I am prettying his comment up for you all) makes this blow dryer so special and so much money.

T3 Of course the proof is always in the use of the product and after using the blow dryer I can appreciate everything about it’s wonderfulness (is that a word? Well it is now).  From the actual design of the blow dryer to the performance – I ♥ the T3.  The angle of the handle makes it so much easier to maneuver and aim to actually hit the hair in right spot, the dryer is light (no arm cramps here) and is very quiet compared to my old dryer.  I have mid back length, color treated hair –  I can now blow dry my hair in under 10 minutes (9 minutes to be exact).  Normally I would be blow drying for 15 minutes.  The frizz?  What frizz?  When I was done I was beyond happy that my hair had so little frizz that all I needed to do was put a little oil in my hair and it was perfection.  Did I mention the shine – yes my hair was beautiful, smooth, and shiny with little to no product at all.

So listen – I know spending $280.00 on a hair dryer makes most people faint of heart but….  If you have a little fun money saved up for a beauty product – you will love this.  Just make sure you have somewhere special in your bathroom to display this beauty – it doesn’t deserve to be stuffed in under the sink.



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