Sample Sunday – Covergirl Outlast and Zoya Nail Laquer Beauty Review

I think I ‘nailed’ this weeks Sample Sunday.  Since I paint my nails regularly (they are rarely naked) this weeks sample was a no brainer and part of my regular routine.  I had received two nail polish samples – one a drug store brand and one a specialty brand.  Which one will last the longest without chipping?  I will have to wait and see…

Covergirl and Zoya Polish 1My two sample subjects were: Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss (Grapevine) and Zoya Professional Laquer (Giovanna).  I tested both out together – thankfully anything goes with our nails – and both nail colors were stunning together.

Over the week of my various activities both nail polishes were worth my time and effort. After all the house chores, office work, and play with the Minis,  my nails were still looking good after a week.

Both colors lasted a full 7 days without showing any signs of significant wear and tear. The first sign of chipping occurred after the 7th day (Covergirl Outlast was the first to chip) so I cannot complain… even a little.  If I wanted to get picky I could nitpick about the application of each polish, but even that isn’t worth too much.  The Zoya polish’s brush is slimmer and allows for more precise application while the Covergirl’s brush is wider and I found the tip of the brush bulky so the application was a little less precise.  Coverage of both the polishes was equal – both could have worked on one coat alone but the second coat really made both pop off the nail.

Covergirl and Zoya Polish collage

I ♥ both of the polishes.  The colors are bright and beautiful and I know I can count on both to carry me through of week of fuss free nails.



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