Tender Loving Care for our Make-Up Brushes

The other morning as I was applying a pretty pink shadow to my lids I found myself doing a double take when I looked in the mirror at the not so pink results.  The color of the shadow on my eye lid was not one of a pink peony but instead the color looked more like a muddy mess.  I looked at my brush and saw my problem immediately…

Turns out the previous week’s cocoa color eye shadow obsession was still on my brush and was not allowing me to indulge in my newest pink shadow obsession to it’s fullest potential!  So I had to add make-up brush cleaning to my to do list.  Thankfully this little task doesn’t take a lot of time and the payoff of clean brushes is definitely worth the 10 minutes.

As I was cleaning my brushes I thought I would share my 10 minute brush cleaning routine.  It’s not rocket science but I think it’s something to share and if you don’t clean your brushes already then this may inspire you to clean up your brushes and enjoy the ‘clean’ results.  Having clean brushes makes make-up application so much smoother and allows your eye shadow, blush, foundation to be applied quickly and flawlessly.  Plus our brushes can harbor bacteria so if you notice a lot of break-outs that are unusual then your dirty make-up brushes may be the culprit.

• Find yourself a make-up brush cleanser.  I use Sephora’s Professionnel Purifying Brush Shampoo.  It is easy to use and can be used on weekly basis…if you love your brushes more than I do and wash them weekly.  The cleanser is a clear gel liquid and I use 2-3 pumps per brush depending on the size of the brush I am cleaning.

•  Add a little water to the brush you are cleaning and gently swirl the brush in the cleanser in your palm.  The swirling action in you hand disburses the cleanser onto the brush.

•  After a few swirls (the color of the cleanser in your palm usually turns the color of whatever make-up you had on the brush) rinse your hand and the brush under the tap.  Depending on length of time between cleanings you may need to repeat the 1st and 2nd step as sometimes the build-up on the brush needs a second cleansing.

• After you have rinsed the brush and it looks clean (to your satisfaction) I squeeze out the excess water making sure that while I am squeezing out the water that all the bristles are pointing the right way and uniform so when they dry the bristles aren’t drying in crazy directions.

•  I put my brushes on a clean towel to dry over night.  In the morning I give them a ‘re-fluff’ to help them regain their original fluffy shape and my brushes are ready to perform to their fullest potential.

How often do you clean your make-up brushes?  Are you like me and only clean them when a make-up mess happens(as you are cursing yourself when you have to re-do your make-up) due to the make-up buildup on your brushes or are you a religious make-up brush cleaner on a strict cleaning routine?

Make-Up Brush Cleaning Step1-4 collage Make-Up Brush Cleaning Step 4-8 collage



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