Sample Sunday – J. Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick Beauty Review

Who can resist a trying new lip color?  There are so many lipstick options out there so sometimes I am thankful that I am given samples of lipstick to try instead of going out and searching for a lipstick.  Less work for me….if the lipstick sample is worthy.

J.Cat’s Fantabulous Lipstick arrived in my September Classic Beauty Ipsy Glam Bag.  I had not heard of this beauty company before so I took a look at their website for a little more info.  The lipstick price is $2.49 on their website – I’m a beauty snob I guess – so when I saw the price of the product my immediate reaction was ‘Not going to expect too much from this lipstick’.  I know – price isn’t everything – but sometimes it is….

As it turns out it’s okay to be a beauty snob on this one – this lipstick is not for me or my lips.  To give this lipstick the best chance possible I prepped my lips with my MAC lip primer.  When I applied the lipstick, the primer made my lips too moist and the Fantabulous lipstick barely adhered to my lips – this attempt was a hot mess.  Then I decided that I would wipe my lips dry and try again with no primer since my first try didn’t work out so well.  This time the lipstick did ‘stick’ to my lips but the resulting look is not what I like to see.  The lipstick amplified every line on my lips making them look cracked and kinda yucky.  I made my debut into the kitchen not sure if my lips were ready to take on the world or not and my Mini looked at me and said ‘I don’t like the stuff on your lips.  They look all cracked.’  That’s it…if the Mini is commenting on my ‘cracked’ lips it’s time to regroup.

Sorry J.Cat Beauty – your Fantabulous lipstick is not so very fantabulous.

J.Cat Fantabulous Lipstick collage



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