Sample Sunday – Pop Beauty Cat Eyes Eye Liner and Yaby Eyeshadow Beauty Review

This weekend as I was browsing through my sample collection I pulled a couple of samples to try together.  I am feeling a little adventurous this Sunday as the two samples I pulled out of my sample ‘hat’ are normally two colors that I would not try – especially not together!

Pop Beauty Cat Eyes eye liner in Tasty Teal has been in my sample box for quite some time. This sample came from one of my last Glossybox deliveries – which has been at least 6 months ago as Glossybox has sadly become non existent in Canada. I had not tried it because….I am not an eyeliner expert (this is definitely one of my beauty weaknesses) and I didn’t think I could use the eye liner to it’s full potential.
The next sample I pulled to ‘team up’ with the eyeliner is the Yaby eyeshadow in Coolio Cucumber. I received this sample in one of my monthly Topboxes. The color of the sample did not appeal to me at all so there it sat…in my sample box.

Eyeliner gets the first try and I did my best to apply.  Even with being an eyeliner rookie, I could appreciate the shape of the liner tip, as the shape really allowed for an easy application if a wider line of eyeliner is what your are looking for. The teal color was really pretty and the liner glided on with little effort.  I actually preferred the wider liner tip to the other pointy tip liners that I have tried.  The eye liner’s pretty packaging focused on the liner making a ‘perfect flick’ at the end to get the perfect sexy cat eye but – I’m not sure what that means – so I guess I failed on the perfect flick and the sexy cat eye.  Darn it.  Oh well – the liner still looks really good even without the flick.

Next was the Coolio Cucumber – the Yaby eyeshadow is fantabulous. I was thinking that this was going to be another poorly pigmented eye shadow that I would have apply lots of layers of color to get the color strength I was looking for but I was very wrong. After the first color application I almost didn’t need to apply any more color as the first layer had great coverage on the lid and the shadow was definitely showing it’s true colors. There was no shadow fall-out on my face and the shadow had a very even color application.  After I tried to the shadow I had to take a look at Yaby’s website as I had never heard of the company and their product is well worth a look.  I found that my little sample is the actual size of the shadow pot that you would purchase as Yaby sells their shadows in sizes to fit into a palette – so you would purchase multiple little pots to create a full palette of whatever color your beauty heart desires.

If you want to take the results to the street – My oldest Mini was impressed with the green eye effect.  I guess you could call her Green with Envy…

Pop Beauty Eyeliner and Yaby Eyeshadow collage



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