Sample Sunday – Marc Jacobs Mascara and Benefit They’re Real Mascara Beauty Review

I have received quite a few mascara samples from either my beauty boxes or from a visit to Sephora. For something a little different, I thought this week I would compare a couple of mascara samples together since I have so many mascara samples to choose from.

Benefit and Marc Jacobs1Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara VS Marc Jacobs Gel Lift Mascara are the two contenders for my lash love this week. I chose these particular samples because they both claim to offer the same benefits an they are within the same price point of $30.00. If you are going to spend that much money on mascara you may as well spend your money wisely for the results you are looking for.

I had heard great things about both of these mascara’s but all the hype doesn’t matter if the mascara doesn’t do your lashes any justice.  I had purchased an eye shadow palette from Marc Jacobs new beauty line partly because of the hype (I’m a sucker) and because I love everything Marc Jacobs (how could Marc Jacobs possibly let me down).  Well, I was very disappointed in the eye shadow and a little cranky that I had spent that amount of money on what I consider a poor product, so I am more than happy to try out a ‘free’ sample of Marc Jacob’s mascara.  I’m not about to be ‘beauty’ burned twice.

My criteria for choosing a mascara is:

the applicator brush • is the mascara easy to apply(messy, clumpy) • what the overall effect or look is – is the look what I am looking for • does the mascara flake or give the raccoon eye effect • does the look last all day.

Here goes – let the sampling begin.

They’re Real Mascara by Benefit is a winner for me.  From the brush to the overall look after application – I really enjoyed this mascara.  I am a fan of the rubber brush wand which has the bristles spaced further apart – I find the application of mascara with this type of wand is more natural and less likely to clump when I apply.  The Benefit mascara has this type of wand so – yay – for Benefit.  The mascara gave my lashes volume and length without clumping my lashes together, a great coating of mascara on the first pass and great daytime natural looking length. My eyes definitely pop after I applied the Benefit mascara.  The look reminded me of when I wear a set of natural looking false eyelashes.  At the end of the day my lashes are still standing and looking great.  So very pleased with this mascara.

Benefit Mascara collage


Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara – hmmm – not a winner for me.  The mascara is not horrible but I don’t think it stands up to other mascaras out there in the same price range.  I found the mascara could clump up my lashes if I didn’t apply carefully.  The brush sometimes ended up with too much product on it and when I tried to apply, the mascara would clump up my lashes and I had to use a lash brush to separate. The mascara also took some time to dry as it was a little sticky for while after application. I didn’t see as much volume with the Marc Jacobs as I did with the Benefit mascara.  The overall look after I applied was okay but nothing that I couldn’t get from another mascara.  At the end of the day my mascara could have used a touch up to prop my sad little lashes up and when I did reapply the clumping problem seemed to get a little worse so I abandoned project and have to say that my Marc Jacob’s mascara sample is going to the sample graveyard.  I really wanted to like this one…but I can’t.  Sigh…

Marc Jacobs collage


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