Sample Sunday – Dior Mystic Magnetics Nail Laquer Beauty Review

This Sunday I am going to cheat a little and share with you one of my birthday gifts instead of a sample product. I’m sure my eyes lit up when I opened my gift to find a shiny little metallic Dior box.  My first thought was that I was being blessed with an eye shadow compact and couldn’t wait to open it to see what fabulous color combination was inside but it wasn’t what I thought…
Upon oohhhing and aahhhing at the packaging and actually taking a moment to read the box I figured out that my Dior birthday treat was nail polish. But not your regular nail polish – no – this is a polish that gives you something a little extra – with a little extra work as I found when I opened the box and saw the instructions.

Dior Mystic Magnetics Nail Lacquer is my new beauty treat to play with and play I did.  I used my oldest Mini as my nail guinea pig as I had just applied a Chanel polish the day before – and if the polish isn’t chipped – it’s staying.  Chanel polish is like liquid gold and is not to be wasted!  Chanel polish dilemma aside – it was actually a good test to use the product and ‘practice’ using the tools on someone else first.

Beauty Quickie Instructions for the polish are:

Apply one coat – let it dry • Apply the second coat and use the magnet (included in the package with the polish) • Magnet is to be held over top of the nail as close as possible (without touching the nail) for 1-2 minutes.

First coat of polish went on nicely – the polish is a lacquer so it is thicker than a regular polish.  We let the first coat dry (only took a few minutes) and onto the next coat and the magnet.  Here is where both my Mini and I felt that we were going to be here for a long time.  1-2 minutes per nail were the instructions.  2 min per nail x 10 nails = 20 minutes of sitting and waiting.  My Mini was not impressed but I didn’t care – beauty is sometimes a pain in the beauty butt but the payoff is always good.  At least that’s what I told her…

First try using the magnet was anti-climactic.  Of course we only held the magnet on for the shortest amount of time (1 minute) and there was little to no result that was we could notice after the 1st minute and I had the magnet a little to close to the nail and oops there was a smudge – Oh Fudge.

Moved onto the second nail and tried again this time holding the magnet over the nail for 2 minutes.  Lifting the magnet up after the two minutes was much more rewarding as we definitely saw results.  The polish looked like it was metallic in some spots and almost looked a little 3-D.  My Mini was impressed – which was good – it meant we could proceed without too much complaining.

We finished off the other three fingers and each time I experimented with the placement of the magnet to see if there was any difference if I held the magnet further away (to try and alleviate the nail touching smudging problem) and I also tried moving the magnet in a circle over the nail (to see if the polish result was wavy with the movement).  Turns out I should just follow the darn directions as there was nothing special that come out of my experimenting.

By the end of the 1st hand my Mini has had enough and I was ready to be done too.  The look of the finished polish is very unique and I definitely like the look and am looking forward to giving this a try on my own nails. Testing on my Mini will definitely help with my own application although attempting to use the magnet on my own nails could be a test of my sanity.  If you want to give this polish a try make sure you have a good little chunk of time to complete this nail project.  What did I say earlier…sometimes beauty is a pain but the payoff is worth it.

Dior Polish Ribbet collage



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