It’s Great Day for a Birthday

So here I am – on the eve of my 38th birthday.  I might not be able to sleep tonight….

I am a birthday believer. I know some people don’t like to celebrate their age or their birthday but to me my birthday is a little celebration of the little diva that I am.  What other day can you say ‘I am awesome (and people don’t give you the ‘look’) and please share in my awesomeness and, by the way, let’s have a little party.’  I’m being a little cheeky here but I really do believe that birthdays are a day in celebration of the special people we all are and we should enjoy them.

On my birthday I like to enjoy my day to it’s fullest birthday potential so here is what I suggest we all do to celebrate in no particular order (well maybe the knowing your age part should come first but then it’s a free for all):

•Know how old you are – you might surprise yourself.  This year, for some reason, I had in my mind that I was turning 39.  Mr. Modern had to help me out with the math – cause well… I don’t do math – and he gave me the strangest look when I was doing a little happy dance when the math was all done and I had a gained a year!

•Take the day off work – I always schedule my birthday off when I am working.  Who wants to spend the day at the office when you can spend the day doing what ever you want to indulge in.

•Indulge your ‘birthday’ self – get a manicure, pedicure or have your make-up or hair done

•Soak up the love – Have a birthday drink, supper, party (whatever works) with family and friends

•Blow out your candles and eat cake – eat a little or a lot…it doesn’t matter….eat

•Bring out your childhood photo albums and enjoy laughing at yourself (and other family members and friends in the photos) as you relish in the fact that yes….your fashion sense was not that great when you were 10.

•Take a picture of yourself in all your birthday glory – you know – so your kids and grand-kids can actually see that you were alive on your 38th, 50th, 60th birthday

•Love the age you are – you are only there once and each year always proves to teach a valuable life lesson.

Young Birthday collage Old Bday Ribbet collage


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