Fall Guilty Pleasure

Ahhh….the guilty pleasure. I pulled out my Fall guilty pleasure when I was filling up my closet with all my warmer fall-ish clothing. Now this particular guilty pleasure is one I am not proud of but I can’t seem to not wear these – please don’t laugh…

My Fall guilty pleasure is the leg warmer. Just saying it makes me feel like I am 8 again.  I was browsing on Etsy one Sunday afternoon and came across a shop that had scarves that I liked.  Digging a little deeper into the shop, I found the cutest leg warmers which they had styled with boots – I was liking what I was seeing so….I ordered myself a pair of leg warmers.

The last time I owned a pair of leg warmers was in the 80’s sometime and they were….neon.  Now in my 30’s, I for some crazy reason, felt the need to revive the leg warmer look.  I think the legwarmer is appealing to me because the legwarmer fills up some of the empty space in my taller boots that is not filled up with my calf (I have little stick legs and no amount of running can build up my calves to fill up the amount of space in some boots on the calf area).  This little leg predicament is my boot pet peeve – so the leg warmers help me out with my pet peeve.  Ah ha…I knew there was a reason that I was compelled to wear them – the boots made me do it!  These are the things I have to tell myself….

Legwarmer collage



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