Sample Sunday – Nyx Eyeshadow Beauty Review

September’s Ipsy Classic Beauty Glam Bag arrived last week and with it comes this Sunday’s Sample. Samples let me step out of my beauty comfort zone as some of the samples I receive I would never normally think twice about purchasing because the product is the ‘the wrong color’ or the product is something that I don’t think I would ever use.

This Sunday I tried out Nyx Eyeshadow. I was so happy to see the Nyx product in my glam bag as I had looked at this cosmetic line in the grocery beauty aisle quite a few times but have never bought. So this is the perfect opportunity to add another drug/grocery store beauty item to my shopping list – if I like it.

The shade of the eyeshadow is purple – not passionate purple or purplicious purple – just purple.  Hmmm – I like a snappy name on my colors but I can’t go on the name alone now can I!  The color of the shadow is really appealing to me – in the container – but out of my color comfort zone – definitely not a color I would normally purchase.  That being said I am more excited to try it out so I can see the results and find out if stepping out of my color comfort zone has any dramatic payoffs.  Maybe Mr. Modern will enjoy my purple eyes gazing back at him…or not…hmmm…. that one may be a stretch of my purple imagination.

Luckily I had recently purchased a Stila eyeshadow in a soft grey with a touch of lilac color (Stila Shadow – Grace) so I had a great shadow already to blend the Nyx color with.  The Nyx Purple went on first and…. it didn’t want to make me hide in my closet.  The shadow went on pretty evenly and the more layers I applied the more the color came to life.  The shadow has a bit of shiny finish but when applied on the eyelid it does not sparkle – which is a good thing – no sparkly purple eyes for daytime please.  The Stila eyeshadow on the inside corner of the lids I used with the Nyx had a little shimmer in it so the Stila added a little dimension and complemented the Nyx nicely.

The Nyx shadow lasted the entire day with only a little touch up before I went out in the evening – yay!   The next time I am in the grocery aisle and feel the need to spend a few beauty bucks on a new ‘outside my comfort zone’ color I would definitely be a repeat Nyx offender.

Nyx Shadow Ribbet collage



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