Fall Fashion Faves

Well – it’s almost here.  The first official day of Fall is this weekend.  I ♥ the beautiful fall colors of the leaves in our river valley, and the fun activities that Fall has to offer in Alberta.  Inside my fall decorative items have made their way into my living room and the house feels so warm and welcoming with all the orange, plum and brown shades of color.  With the change over in the weather and my living room my closet awaits…

Fall is the time to crawl under my bed and hope that a dust bunny does not attack before I can retrieve my container of precious Fall clothing items.  Opening my Fall clothing storage container almost feels like Christmas morning as I have forgotten all of the fabulous cool weather clothing items that I have carefully stored (with the precision of a museum curator) from last season. It’s like I went shopping for a new closet….under my bed!

I thought I would share some of my Fall Fashion Faves that make my heart happy when I see the them again for the first time.

Fall accessories are definitely something to look forward to.  Boots, scarves, bigger handbags – nothing better.

Fall accessory collage

Jewel tones, leather, sweaters and my jeans – I missed you.  Welcome back to my closet

fall outfit collage



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