Sample Sunday – Pixie Lash Booster Mascara Beauty Review

Hello Sunday!  Modern Mom is trying to get back into our school routine and I think I am almost back in the groove.  There’s nothing like a little Sample Sunday to get me going!  I had taken all my photos of this week’s Sample Sunday a few weeks ago with the intention of blogging but hmmm..I failed.. so here goes.

I received this Pixie Lash Booster Mascara sample in my August Ipsy Glam Bag.  I tried the mascara once and it immediately became of of my top 5 faves in the mascara department.  In the top 5 faves?  Immediately? How can that be?  I must really love it right?  Well I do!  Here’s what I am crushing on:

• no clumping (who doesn’t love that?) • mascara glides on smoothly • look lasts all day (love x2 for this one) • natural full looking lashes after application •  no smudging (i wore this mascara in 40 degree Vegas heat and my lashes were the only thing that survived after a day of heat!)

After a few weeks of use I was still pleased with the look and feel of the  mascara including the application brush. I often find that with the more you use the mascara the more build-up on the brush you have especially with the thicker mascara formulas.  This build-up usually results in clumping on the lashes for me so the non-build up on the brush ensures I can still enjoy the mascara without having to worry about clumping.  Bonus beauty points!

So since this mascara is  now one of my top 5 faves I think the closest comparison to another mascara in my top 5 would be Tarte’s Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara.  The natural full, long lasting looking lashes that I love for daytime are achieved with both the Pixie and the Tarte mascaras.  The Pixie mascara is waterproof (which I didn’t know when I first applied – so I was anxiously scrubbing my poor little eyes at bedtime wondering why in the name of mascaras is this stuff not coming off!!)  Eventually the beauty bulb came on and I had to dig out my eye make-up remover as my face cleanser – that normally takes off my non-waterproof mascara – was not doing me any favors with the Pixie removal.  The removal of the mascara may be the only downside with this particular Pixie mascara as I don’t like to use eye makeup remover if I don’t have to as I find most removers dry out my eye area.

The last bonus for me for the Pixie mascara is that I can find it in a the drugstore or Target and the price point is a little lower than Tarte’s mascara.  I have to say –  it is nice to have two go-to mascaras that will make me equally as happy whether I’m in the aisles of Sephora or the drugstore.

Pixe Mascara collage



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