Love is Like a ‘Balm’

Love is like a ‘balm’, baby, c’mon get it on….

I couldn’t help it – a little Def Leppard for all us 80’s kids and it’s a fun way to share Pantene Pro-V Beauty Balm for your hair!

My first thought in my beauty brain was “Beauty balm for your hair – what the….?”  I had first read about the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème in a Top 10 Hair Product Must Haves article in a magazine.  The idea of the balm is a one stop shop for all those little bottles of product that we all have lined up on our bathroom counters.  So – can I eliminate some of my hair products and just use the BB Crème?

Let’s see – the BB Crème says it will give my hair:

• repair for rough hair • strengthen against damage • give hair silky softness • brilliant shine • smoothing • added moisture • control frizz (darn that frizz) • protection against heat styling • tame fly-aways (darn those fly-aways) • give hair more manageability (whew that challenged my spelling skills….)

Well…I want all of the above and I do have some products already that help me tame the wild beast that is my hair, but I am drawn to the all in one concept so I am giving this one a try.

My first challenge was finding the darn BB Crème – the magazine that had featured the product was American so I crossed my fingers whenever I made a trip to Target, Walmart or the drug store in hopes that us Canadians could share in the magic of the hair balm.  I was out of luck – no beauty balm to be had – until our vacation to Vegas and after convincing Mr. Modern that a side trip to Walgreens would be a ‘worthy’ stop I found my BB Crème happiness. Mr. Modern – he found his happiness in the drugstore liquor aisle.  We don’t have liquor in our drugstores in Canada!

I have been using the hair balm for a few weeks now and really love the product results.  You can use the balm on dry or wet hair and it took me a few tries to get the amount of product just right for my wet or dry hair.  The directions are to apply 1-2 pumps on wet hair – now I take these instructions with a bit of beauty scepticsm – as I know that following the directions can sometimes leave you with freshly clean hair that needs to washed again after the application of too much product – and that makes me a little grumpy.  On my first try I used only 1 pump and it wasn’t enough as it barely felt like I put any on (I have mid back length hair) and I found that the results were very minimal.  The next time I used 2 full pumps which actually fees like a lot in your hand (and I was a bit scared for a brief moment) but once applied I felt that I had the correct coverage that I was looking for.  The results with the right amount of product were fabulous.  Immediate results for me were: soft and manageable hair, more shine and my fly-aways were a little more manageable (I found the dry hair application of the product helped more for the fly-aways).

I have used the balm on my dry hair as well to manage any ‘hair issues’ that came about before my next shampoo. I most often used the balm on my dry hair to help out with fly-aways and as a little shine booster.  Using the balm on dry hair definitely takes a couple tries as well, since the balm is a cream so properly applying a cream to dry hair is a bit of a hair challenge.  Less is more for this application is all I can say…or you will be heading for the shower sooner than later!

As a result of my discovery of the BB Crème for my hair I have been able to shelve a few of my go-to hair helpers like my shine and frizz serum and my hair heat protectant spray.  A few less items on my counter top makes me a happy girl.

BB Creme collage

Original Song Lyric:  Love is like a bomb, baby, c’mon get it on.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me – Hysteria Album



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