Sample Sunday – Mica Beauty Loose Powder Eye Shadow Beauty Review

The eyes have it this Sunday.  My August Ipsy Glam Bag  was a gem so my sample for this Sunday came from the August Glam Bag.  I loved the sample so much after the first try that it immediately made it into my travel bag before I left for vacation.

Mica Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow was the first sample I pulled from my sample glam bag.  The shadow color is Bronze and really appealed to me as Bronze is a color that is so easily combined with a lot of different colors and can be glammed up or down for daytime or the evening.  The eye shadow is a loose powder shadow and I had a tried a loose shadow from a different company in a previous sample box that  I received so I wasn’t ‘scared’ to give this one a go as I had already tried a loose powder shadow already.  Whew – quick and easy application without have to search a tutorial!

Loose powder shadows are on my favorite list because the pigment in the loose powders is fantastic.  You only need one swipe with a brush and viola – you have rich color that then only needs to be shaped and blended with your other shadow – plus the fallout is very minimal with a loose powder.  The Mica eyeshadow did not disappoint and I found that the application was a little cleaner than the previous loose powder I had tried.  Mica’s shadow texture seems to a bit “stickier” and the top of the shadow had a lid with holes to shake the powder through so I wasn’t having to dip my brush into the entire pot.  That one little feature made a huge difference in the ease of getting the shadow from the pot to my eye in a ‘non-messy’ way.

When I was done I was in love with the color and how easy the shadow was to apply.  Mica Beauty Eyeshadow…Welcome to my make-up kit and where can I find more of your eyeshadow friends…

Mica Eyeshadow collage


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