Whistler Style

Blogging on the fly –  in my spare moments between mountain trekking, zip lining and enjoying our poolside mountain views in Whistler, British Columbia.  Besides keeping my eye on the beautiful landscape that surrounds me I always keep my eye on the streets to see what the locals and visitors are wearing.  Who wants to be the ‘tourist’ that the trendy locals can spot in New York minute.  No fanny packs for me…

whistler style 1Whistler has a laid back, taking it easy, maybe take a trek up the mountain, maybe sit by the pool style.  I think you could the style  mountain chic-casual.  Although I have not seen a pair of heels since we’ve been here!  I guess you can’t trek up a mountain in heels….  Right now there are a lot of families enjoying their vacation so the trend that is most common is hiking shorts, moms and daughters in Lululemon workout tops (cause it is hot, hot, hot here) and sport sandals or workout shoes while the 20 somethings are rocking their the cut-offs, tanks and sandals.  Did I mention Lululemon….they must make a small fortune off of the locals and the visitors as everyone seems to sport some type of Lulu wear.

I love the laid back fashion-tude in Whistler and I had a lot of fun enjoying our adventures and awe inspiring views in my cut-offs and Converse.  Next stop –  Gibsons on The SunShine Coast, B.C.

P.S – I am obsessed with the Olympic Rings in Whistler – Obsessed!

olympic rings



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