Sample Sunday – BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Beauty Review

So many samples….so little time…. My sample box is full-thanks to my Luxe Box and my Glam Bag so I was feeling a little indecisive as to where to take my sampling fun.  Make-up, face cleanser, lips, hair?  Turns out my Mini Modern knows best.  She saw me pondering my samples and when I asked her what I should try out she said without a moment of hesitation  “Mom, that eyeshadow looks sweet.  That’s the one.”  The Mini has spoken…

I would have to agree with my Mini – the eyeshadow definitely looks like fun.  The colors are bright and out of my eyeshadow color comfort zone – so the BH cosmetics California Collection Sampler is the sample of choice today.  The palette is a sampling of colors representing popular hot spots in California.  Hollywood (glam purple color), San Francisco (toasted brown color) and Malibu (golden beachy color).

I chose to use two of the three colors in the palette – San Francisco and Hollywood.  I used the brown (San Francisco) all over my lid and I used the purple (Hollywood) on the outside corners of my lids with a bit of blending of the two in the middle of my lid.  When I first saw the colors I thought they would have a lot of color pigment as the colors are quite vibrant.  Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the application results.  The San Francisco shadow is a nice color on the lid but it took quite a bit of layering of the color to achieve a good color result.  I found the same with the Hollywood shadow – for such a deep purple I would have thought that my first layer of color would be enough to blend and then add a little more for touch up.  The purple was very disappointing as when I applied for the first time I could barely see any color and I really had to work at getting enough of the shadow on my lid to make any significant color appear.

When I was done I did like the color results – but I did not like how long the shadow took me to apply to get a satisfactory result.  I like to  a get in and get out when I apply my shadow – who’s got the time to layer their shadow over and over again to get the color you want.  Not one of my favorite products but I like to try new things – so I’m glad I tried.

bhcosmetics collage



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