Dry Shampoo – Powder VS Spray

Dry Shampoo is such a time saver in between shampoos – isn’t it? As my alarm goes off in the morning there is nothing like being sleeping a little longer knowing that I am able to go an extra day without shampooing and blow drying thanks to my dry shampoo.  So I have been pondering this question – If I were packing for a week long trip and could only shampoo once, which would I choose as my ‘go to ‘ in between’ hair fix – a dry spray shampoo or a dry powder shampoo?
I know you must be thinking – how much time does this Modern Mom have on her hands – pondering the dry shampoo powder VS dry shampoo spray debate.  I can’t help it…I think about these things…

I have owned, used and loved Cake’s Satin Sugar hair and body refreshing powder for a few years now.  My hair used to get oily within a day so when I found Cake’s hair powder I was elated.  I could finally make it a couple of days without shampooing!  As I age – along with many other things – my hair has changed and doesn’t get quite as oily any more – hallelujah – so I don’t have use the hair powder as often but the powder still holds a special place in my bathroom.

I have been reading about the virtues of a dry spray shampoo in magazines for a while now so I thought I would give the spray a try.  I stood in front of the dry shampoos in Sephora and chose blindly – as really – they probably all work the same.  I picked up the Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo which claimed the spray was translucent and there was no residue from the spray.  Sounds good to me – into the basket it went.

After trying the spray and the powder version of dry shampoo I realize that they both serve a purpose depending on what I want my hair too look like for the day.  Here’s my take on the pro’s and con’s of spray versus powder:

Dry Shampoo Powder Pros:

  • leaves hair soft and moveable
  • reduces the ‘oily root’ look
  • can apply daily if needed without any signs of the product building up in your hair
  • scented – so your hair smells great again

Dry Shampoo Powder Cons:

  • can be messy to apply – you have to put the powder in your hands, rub together and apply in your hair (think baby powder in your hands and applying in your hair)
  • depending on the style you want for the day the dry powder can leave your hair too soft (not enough texture for certain styles)

Dry Shampoo Spray Pros:

  • spray is easy to apply
  • gives hair a bit of texture – I found the my hair texture after using the dry shampoo was perfect for topknots, buns, braids
  • gives hair a little added volume and body

Dry Shampoo Spray Cons:

  • not really fond of the aersol haze or smell while applying
  • residue –  I could see a residue in my hair (may not show in other’s hair)
  • found that I had to shampoo a day after I applied the spray as my hair had the ‘please wash me’ feel
  • didn’t really find that the spray helped with the ‘oily’ root look

When looking at the pros and cons of each I realize that I need both products in my arsenal.  They each do something a little different for my hair and I like what each has to offer.  I do use my powder more often than the spray as it is a quick refresh which is most often what I am looking for.

• To answer my original question – If I was packing for a week long trip and could only shampoo once which would I choose as my go to ‘ in between’ hair fix – a dry shampoo or a dry powder?  Well, I would have to say – I’m packing the powder.

Dry Shampoo collage



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