Sample Sunday – Barefoot Venus Hand Cream Beauty Review

Sample Sunday’s here and I thought I would sample something a little different this week.  I haven’t sampled any body lotion in a while and I received a lotion sample in my Luxe Box so – why not?!

Barefoot Venus Sugar Leaf shea butter hand cream is the lotion that I have been using since my Luxe Box arrived a few weeks ago.  The beauty of lotions is that you can have a bunch of them and use all of them whenever you want.  I am not ‘married’ to any particular lotion product – why would I be – when there are so many lotions out there to choose from.   I guess you could call me ‘unfaithful’ in my lotion relationships…a girls gotta have a little fun….

The first thing that determines whether I will even consider a lotion is the scent.  If the lotion smells horrible to me then it goes straight back on the shelf.  I like my lotion to smell so yummy that Mr. Modern would like to take a little nibble…  So when the Barefoot lotion sample arrived the first thing I did was open it up to see if it would pass the sweet scent test – with a name like Sugar Leaf how could they go wrong?  The hand cream has shea butter in it so it is a heavier cream which is what my dry little hands need so I was pleased with the moisturizing results. I think I would probably compare the cream to the L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream – both creams have the same moisturizing qualities and the feel of the cream after application feels similar.  After you apply the Barefoot cream I found my hands to be a little slippery as the cream takes a little bit to fully absorb into your hands – so don’t use the hand cream and try to put on jewelry with any type of clasp or you will drive yourself crazy with your slippery hands trying to operate a small object – just saying…

I will definitely be using this lotion until I am standing in my bathroom shaking the last drop out of the bottle.  The lotion comes in a 60 ml bottle so it it convenient for your purse or travelling.  I had not heard of this company or seen any of their products in a store prior to receiving the sample so I had to look them up.  This particular brand seems to be a ’boutique’ brand and is mostly found in little shops and not the bigger box stores – however you can order online.  The cost is also reasonable at $5.00 for a bottle compared to the L’Occitane 30 ml version at $12.00.  The product availability is probably the biggest drawback but I will truly enjoy the use of what I have right now and if I am shopping with the girls one day and see the Barefoot Venus cream on our shopping trip I would definitely pick some up.

Barefood Venus collage



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