Less is More for Summer Jewelry?

The lazy days of summer have me feeling a little less bejeweled.  I follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to my summer jewelry.  Who wants to put on a heavy necklace or large bracelets in the heat?  The summer months are my time to chill, wear my denim cut-offs, tanks and enjoy the no socks rule until the snow flies again.  And since I’m mentioning socks – the no socks rule applies to Mr. Modern as well – darn those men and their summer socks.

My summer jewelry style has a more relaxed feel especially when I wear more delicate pieces, sometimes layered, sometimes not.  The pieces I wear in the summer add the ‘just a little something’ to make my outfit complete and I don’t worry so much about matching my metals or mixing my colors.  In the fall and winter months I tend to wear jewelry that is bolder and heavier,  so I truly enjoy the freedom of my lighter summer jewelry options.  The quirky necklaces, light chains, beachy and bohemian bracelets all give a fun and light seasonal statement without being over the top.

I just bought a new necklace for my summer collection which inspired me to blog on my summer jewelry loves – here’s a little taste of some of my favorite summer jewelry.

Necklace collage

Bracelet collage

Love Necklace – Groovestone • Arrow Necklace – Anthropologie • Key Necklace – Tiffany •  Initial Necklace – Charms by Pick Up Sticks Jewlery

Heart Bracelet – American Eagle • Imagine Bead Bracelet – Groovestone • Leather Bracelet – Groovestone •  Silver Bead Bracelet – Tiffany

What is your summer jewelry style?


One thought on “Less is More for Summer Jewelry?

  1. I agree that less can be more for summer jewelry and these are great examples! Love the leather cuff!
    AurumEve.com ~Global Jewelry



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