Sample Sunday – Olay Total Effects 7 in One CC Cream Beauty Review

Whoo Hoo!  Sample Sundays here and I finally have some samples to try out thanks to my Luxe Box.  There were lots of great new samples to choose from (see my earlier Luxe Box Love post for the list)  and I decided to give the first honors to the Olay CC cream.

The CC cream seemed to be a great sample fit for me as I am struggling with finding a little coverage to even out my skin tone without hiding my natural summer ‘glow’ on my face.  I only have a little natural color on my face for a few months out of the year – darn it – so why cover that glow up!  The only drawback is that I have some redness on my cheeks and nose that I sport all year (not from sunburn) so I do like to wear a little something to even out the my skin tone.  When I read the description of what the Olay CC Cream could offer my tan little face I was a little hopeful.

Olay Total Effects 7 in one Tone Correcting Moisturizer’s (CC Cream – color correcting cream) claim to fame are:

  • Moisturizer with sunscreen SPF15 – love this
  • Natural sheer coverage
  • Anti-Aging – reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles – love this idea but will it work?
  • Evens out skin tone and texture
  • Luminous appearance – get your glow on
  • Age Spots – reduces appearance
  • Exfoliation – improves skin surface cell turnover

I have been using the product for a week now and I am mostly pleased with the results.  I really don’t get overly excited about some of the 7 effects that the product claims to help with.  Age spots, anti-aging….really…I’m an instant results kinda girl.  My only real reason for trying the cream is because it’s a one stop shop for moisturizer, sunscreen and coverage.

When you have a product that tries to help so many areas the actual cream itself tends to be a little heavier.  When I tried some of the cream I didn’t really like the look of what I squeezed out onto my hand.  The cream comes out kind of in two separate creams (in the bottle you can see that there is two different creams) and one of the creams looks kinda oily.  You have to kind of mix them together on your hand to blend them a little but once you have mixed the cream does go on nicely.  I did find that the cream felt a heavier on my face than a normal moisturizer does – it felt like I had applied a sunscreen instead of my moisturizer.

My sample was the light to medium color tone – which would be the correct color choice for my skin tone.  The color is not a perfect match but the coverage is pretty sheer so I didn’t get hung up on the perfect color match.  When I applied I could see a little redness on my nose and cheeks but the redness was definitely toned down, which was my goal, and when I used a little loose powder the redness is masked all together.  The cream definitely gives you a luminous glow but the glow kind of looked like an ‘oily glow’ on me.  The loose powder saved the day again and helped tone the oily glow down – who wants to relive the junior high oily glow days?  That’s so 1988 – I’m over it.

I don’t think this particular cream will be one that I will purchase after I use up the sample but it does give me incentive to try other CC Creams to see if I can find one that feels a little lighter and does not give me an oily afterglow.  For now – this cream will be my Modern Mom on the go quick fix when I don’t have much on the go.  You know those days – hanging at home with the possibility of maybe leaving the house and not wanting to worry too much about a full on beauty(ful) face.

CC Cream Collage



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