I’m Super Excited For….

In one word – SUMMER – there is nothing better .  My Mini’s last day of school is tomorrow which means freedom for all and most importantly….sleeping in.

Summer is the best and these are a few of my favorite things:

♥Lazy deck days and a cool beer

♥ An empty ice cream bowl – shared with the Mini’s and Mr. Modern of course – or not….

♥ Canada Day Celebrations – I ♥ Canada

♥ “It’s 5:00 somewhere” Iced Bailey’s

♥ The Mini’s, the summer heat and water – the perfect summer combination

♥ Marc Jacobs Beauty Line – can I get a hell yes – Coming to Sephora in August – so excited

♥ My new subscription to the  Luxe Box sample box – hurry up and get here already

♥ Fireside in the backyard and marshmallows that go straight to my Modern Mom hips

Did I mention sleeping in?

What are you super excited for this summer?

Summer love Ribbet collage



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