My Guilty Pleasure

PINK7Here is round 2 of my guilty pleasures, and this one, well I am truly guilty of and not in a good guilty pleasure kinda way.  Here goes – I like to indulge in a little weekend wear in the form of PINK.  Yep-I said it.  I, a 37 year old Modern Mom, indulges in a little PINK clothing from time to time.

I’m not sure what comes over me to even set foot in the 20 something store.  I fundamentally know when you see underwear that say in sparkly letters ‘ Here for a good time’ on the bum that I should turn around and run out of the store knocking over displays as I go but…I continue to shop.  Not for sparkly underwear – Mr. Modern would mock me forever and who needs that.  Nope I don’t go for the sparkly underwear.  I go for the comfy clothes like the sweats, hoodies and t-shirts.

Sweats, hoodies and t-shirts you say.  What could possibly be wrong with that?   Well even those items can go horribly wrong.  Nothing says classy like PINK across my Modern Mom bum.  However – I am proud to say that I have never purchased the PINK sweats with the writing on the bum…but I have tried them on.  I favor the sweats that have the PINK label running down my 37 year old leg – cause you know – that’s how I roll.  I have several styles of PINK sweats but my worst sweats purchase was the PINK boyfriend pants.  Now this particular pair of sweats has a funny cut on the bum –  Let’s just say that Mr. Modern told me it looked like I was wearing a diaper when I had them on.  Now – no girl wants to hear that they look like they are wearing a diaper so those sweats were quickly filed in the don’t wear me pile of shame.

My PINK t-shirt and hoodie collection are pretty safe(relatively speaking).  My only OMG t-shirt purchase was the shirt that said PINK right across the front of my chest.  Nothing says ‘Hey there!  Look at my PINK boobs’ like a shirt with print across my breasts.  What was I thinking?  This particular shirt has also been added to my don’t wear me pile of shame.

The most beautiful thing about a guilty pleasure is that even though I know I should not indulge in my pleasure I can.  What’s life without a guilty pleasure or two?  So when you see me on my way to pick up my Mini’s from school in my PINK terrycloth pants try not to laugh…to loudly.

PINK collage



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