Connecting with a Quote – Chanel Style

ChanelI, Modern Mom, enjoy a good picture book.  Especially when one of my favorite fashion icon’s is pictured in said book.  While in the bookstore a few weeks ago I came across a coffee table book – Chanel Collections and Creations.  The book was wrapped in plastic so prying eyes could not take a sneak peek –  I dislike this bookstore practice but their evil plan must work as I was intrigued so the book is now mine.  I took my new Chanel book home and eagerly shredded the plastic off the book and what was inside did not disappoint.

The book highlights all of the legendary Chanel fashion and beauty designs through images, photographs and drawings.  I was immediately drawn into all the pictorals but I also enjoyed the story that went with the pictures as throughout the book there were some really amusing and insightful Coco Chanel quotes.  The quotes included in the book were not the typical Chanel quotes that we all know so well.  You know the ones •  ‘A girl should be two things.  Classy and fabulous’ • ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’ • ‘Fashion fades.  Only style remains the same’.  These quotes are near and dear to every fashionista’s heart and through this book I was given yet another reason to love Coco Chanel.

After reading some of the Chanel-lore out there I have created, in my mind, my own vision of Coco Chanel.   I envision her speaking in a raspy voice with blunt honesty and a sharp wit with a pinch of drama in every situation.  It seems to me that when she voiced her style ideas and thoughts – they must be true – as they were spoken by the Mademoiselle herself.

The Coco quotes I loved the most in the book crack me up as some of her quotes are in your face and a little cheeky.  Just like I imagine the Mademoiselle to be.

‘Beauty is not prettiness.  Why do so many mothers teach their daughters to flutter about, instead of teaching them about beauty?’  • Flutter about?  Who says that?!    Being a mother of two girls this quote struck me immediately.  Such a true statement – and one we all have to learn, live and teach.

‘Beauty should begin in the heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless’  •    I love that Coco Chanel put a blunt spin on the ‘beauty within’ aspect.  I have to smile when she ends the quote saying that you and all the make-up in the world are a lost cause if you don’t believe in your own beauty first.

‘Before me, no one would have dared to dress in black’ • To me this is just a ‘cocky’ quote and I love it!

‘Go and fetch my pearls.  I will not go up to the ateliers until I have them around my neck.’  • This quote puts me in the same room as Coco as she is running her fashion house with hint of ‘ entitlement’ and doing it all in her beloved pearls.  Really – who can function without their pearls!

Chanel collage


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