Sample Sunday – Beautiful Movements Mineral Eyeshadow Beauty Review

Platinum Tiara is my Sample Sunday choice this week.  Can you guess what the product is by the name?  It could be anything right?  Nail polish, lip gloss, my new tiara…

Platinum Tiara eyeshadow by Beautiful Movements is a shadow that I received with my Glossybox samples.  The eyeshadow is a mineral shadow sitting in this little pot of sparkle that I was not sure what to do with, so the sample has been sitting in my make-up kit just waiting to come out and play.  I have always been a little fearful of pots of loose eyeshadow.   How do I get the shadow from the pot to my eyelid without wearing it everywhere else?  As a result I have never even ventured into trying or purchasing a pot of eyeshadow.

When I say I am not sure what to do with this product it’s no joke!  I had to do a little research and find an online tutorial on how to apply the eyeshadow with some skill so I didn’t look like a hot mess when I was done.  There are gazillions of tutorials on this subject so if you find yourself staring a pot of eyeshadow that you don’t know what to do with – YouTube it girlfriend.

Before I started my first attempt I pulled out every make-up brush I thought that I may possibly need to use…just in case.  You can apply the eyeshadow dry out of the pot or you can mix some of the shadow with water for a more dramatic color on your lid.  I started with the no water option – baby steps.

Step 1 – I used one of my small brushes to scoop a little out the pot and into the lid.  The shadow is a tiny bit clumpy so when I scooped a little clump came out nicely on my brush.  Once the shadow was in the lid I could use my brush to move the shadow around in the lid enough to get the amount I needed onto my brush.

Step 2 –  Get a feel for how much to apply at a time.  I did find that the color pigment in the loose shadow is strong (tried a test on my hand) and applies beautifully – a little goes a long way is the lesson here.  The shadow went on smoothly and blended with my other shadow color nicely.  When I was done I was most impressed with the non-fallout factor.  I had expected a lot of shadow to fall off my brush under my eyes and onto my cheeks but there was very minimal clean up afterwards.  The messiest place was on my cupboard where I did my mixing and moving.

I also tried the shadow/water mix.  This was definitely a bit more work and messy!  It took a few tries to get just the right mix of water and shadow.  Who’s got the time or the patience?  The benefit to mixing the shadow with water is a deeper shadow color.  Hmmm… for daytime not worth my time.

I don’t think I will be running out and replacing all my shadows with loose shadow but I do know I will be enjoying my pot of Platinum Tiara while it lasts.

Platinum Tiara Collage



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