From Closet Chaos to Closet Contentment – Part 2

Ahhh…my closet chaos has finally ended.  The last shelf was installed in my closet yesterday and before our closet builder was walking out the door the shoes were going onto their shelves.  Sweet satisfaction.

I have been living without my closet for a month now – I know – I should have been committed.  There is nothing like digging through a laundry basket every morning praying that the pretty shirt I wanted to wear that particular day was in there.  I thought the laundry basket storage plan while we were renovating would be an effective solution to my non-closet problem, but it was a bit of a nightmare.  Along with the laundry basket storage plan I also stored a lot of my hanging items in a closet on our basement level.  This was not perfect either – I did scare the Mini’s a few times as I streaked down the stairs in my bra and panties looking for the item(s) that I thought were in my laundry storage but were in the basement closet – of course.

Needless to say I was elated when I could finally put all of my clothing back into my closet.  My closet looks very different from when it started, with different storage and hanging options so I had to be strategic with everything that needed to go back in my closet.  The biggest and ‘most important’ change was my shoe storage.  In my old closet my shoes did not have a home (sad I know) and now, they are front and centre which makes me giddy with shoe happiness.  Mr. Modern and my closet builder just rolled their eyes at me when I tried to explain the joy the shoe shelf would bring me.  I say ‘the men who roll their eyes shall only own 5% of said closet space’ – it’s in the contract –  if you read the fine print.

My closet now feels more like a walk in closet as it is now open to the bedroom (we didn’t put the doors back on the closet).  So with the new design I was thrilled to find out that I can multi-task in my closet and use it for more than just storage.  Here’s how.  We had the builder install a dresser into the closet so I  have decided to use the top of my the dresser in my closet as my make-up/jewelry station.  My make-up kit has never found it’s perfect home in my bedroom or bathroom so this was the perfect solution.  I am in closet heaven – my clothes, my jewels, my shoes and my make-up.  Someone pinch me…

Before and After Closet collage

Closet collage



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