Sample Sunday – Dior Nail Glow Beauty Review

My sample supply box is all sampled out and I am patiently waiting for a couple of my sample subscriptions.  My Loose Button Beauty Box and Ipsy Glam Bag are on their way so I will have some new samples to try out.

So this Sunday I thought I would share one of my recent beauty purchases – Dior Nail Glow.  I had to be a good girl and wait patiently to get this polish.  I scavenged Sephora and the Dior counter in The Bay and the ladies who work at both places both gave me the ‘I’m sorry you poor girl who missed out on the first shipment of Dior and now you have to wait’ look.  I swear the Dior girl had a small smirk on her face when she was informing me of the unfortunate supply situation.  So onto the waitlist I went…

After a month of checking my phone messages everyday in eager anticipation I finally received the call that my polish was waiting for me.  Off to the Dior counter I went to pick up my polish.  The Dior girl tried her hardest to up sell me on other products – of course they had a beauty deal on – but I was not distracted by the sparkly eyeshadows.  The polish was my mission – get in and get out.

I wanted this polish for my collection because I struggle with the time to spend fixing or re-doing my polish after a couple days of wear.  Nothing annoys me more than looking at my chipped nail polish, so most often I wear a clear polish just to give my nails a little something.  It’s not glamorous but at least my nails have a little shine with a clear polish and it looks like I made half an effort.  Dior Nail Glow gives  your nails the look of a french manicure with one or two coats of the polish.  Now that sounds appealing to me – which is why I wanted to try it out hoping that this polish could be my new go-to Modern Mom on the ‘glow’ polish.

I was not disappointed by my first Nail Glow polish experience.  This is also the first time that I have paid more than $10.00 for a polish, so I was kinda expecting mini manicure miracles.  I don’t think any miracles were made that particular day but I did definitely appreciate my Nail Glow nails when I was done.  The polish was easy to apply – the brush was the perfect shape (I don’t know if all high end polishes have this shape of brush- as I said this is my first time using designer polish) but the application of the polish was so quick and easy with the brush shape.  After the first coat of polish my nails looked like they had just a slight coloring of pink with the whites of my nail tips showing through.  I could have left my nails with one coat only and have been happy but I like my nails to have a bit more pinky color so I applied the second coat and was a happy girl.  Dry time for this polish is great and the polish lasted 4-5 days before I wanted to remove the polish and start over.  You could go longer as the polish blends with your nail so well that you can’t really tell unless you are OCD like me and have to have nails that look nice all the time.

Nail Glow polish meets the rule of three for me – easy application and quick dry time, looks good, wears well.  My new ‘glow-to’ polish has been found.

Nail Glow Ribbet collage


I’m Super Excited For….

In one word – SUMMER – there is nothing better .  My Mini’s last day of school is tomorrow which means freedom for all and most importantly….sleeping in.

Summer is the best and these are a few of my favorite things:

♥Lazy deck days and a cool beer

♥ An empty ice cream bowl – shared with the Mini’s and Mr. Modern of course – or not….

♥ Canada Day Celebrations – I ♥ Canada

♥ “It’s 5:00 somewhere” Iced Bailey’s

♥ The Mini’s, the summer heat and water – the perfect summer combination

♥ Marc Jacobs Beauty Line – can I get a hell yes – Coming to Sephora in August – so excited

♥ My new subscription to the  Luxe Box sample box – hurry up and get here already

♥ Fireside in the backyard and marshmallows that go straight to my Modern Mom hips

Did I mention sleeping in?

What are you super excited for this summer?

Summer love Ribbet collage