Sample Sunday – Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Primer Beauty Review

This Sunday my lashes are reaping the rewards of my sample obsession.  No, this is not a mascara Sample Sunday…this is an eyelash primer Sample Sunday.  Who would have thought – pretty up your lashes before applying your favorite mascara?  I was intrigued….

Tarte MultiplEYE is a lash primer that increases the appearance of lash volume and length.  I have never thought to prime my lashes before applying mascara as I had thought that my mascara does all the work already so why spend the extra money on a primer that supposedly does what my mascara does.  So I, Mrs. ‘Skeptical’ Modern Mom, applied the primer with a hint of “I’m sure this doesn’t work”.

The lash primer is applied just like mascara and is white in color as it coats the lashes.  The applicator brush is fantastic – shaped so you can apply the primer accurately on all your little lashes that like to ‘escape’ the initial brush on of the primer.  After I was done applying the primer I took a good look.  Hmmm…looks like I just applied mascara…except my lashes are white instead of black!  I could tell that my lashes did ‘look’ fuller and the primer really helped to keep my lashes separated and not clumped together – these are both things that I value when I apply anything to my eyelashes so I was feeling optimistic.

I decided to try out 2 mascara’s on my primed eyelashes to see if the primer worked well with both my favorite brands of mascara.  On one eye I used Dior Show mascara and on the other eye I used Tarte Gifted mascara.  I use the Dior Show mascara more for evening wear and the Tarte mascara is my daytime favorites.  After applying on both eyes I loved what I saw – especially with the Dior Show.  Sometimes I find the Dior Show can be a little clumpy if not applied carefully and the primer allowed the Dior Show to work it’s mascara magic and not clump.  Plus my lashes looked extra full and long with the application of both the primer and the mascara.  The Tarte mascara looks naturally great without the primer for daytime so I could easily go without priming during the day but with that being said, the primer does add a little extra volume and length and helps with clumping lashes so I would be easily persuaded to use the primer each day.

You don’t have to twist my mascara wand.  Tarte has won my heart with their MultiplEYE lash primer.

multipleye collage


2 thoughts on “Sample Sunday – Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Primer Beauty Review

  1. I don’t use Dior Show mascara, but I do use Dior Show Maximizer primer every day and I love it! Next time you buy your mascara, it might be worth it to ask for a sample of the primer. It’s the best I’ve ever used. (Never tried to Tarte product, will have to check that out!)


    • Thanks for the Dior primer suggestion. This was the first time that I had ever tried a lash primer so I am now definitely open to try other lash primers. Definitely try the Tarte product line sometime – great products that are more on the natural side of the beauty spectrum with great results.



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