Dreaming of the Perfect Palette

Last year I bought the Hula Hula Eye Shadow (2 shadow palette) by NARS and I am in love, love, love with the color combination. What I am not in love with is the sparkle in the shadow. The sparkles are chunky (not your fine fairy dust sparkle) and it seems that every time I wear the shadow the sparkle takes over and ends up not just on my eyebrows but on my cheeks and underneath my eyes and for the life of me I can’t remove the sparkles after they’ve fallen.  I like to sparkle sometimes – well who am I kidding – I like to sparkle most of the time, but the shadow is a bit too sparkly for daytime.

I am not ready to give up the beautiful shades of the Hula Hula palette that I love so much.  So what’s a Modern Mom to do…. As it turns out my shadow dilemma was solved when I wasn’t really looking.  I was in the M.A.C store shopping browsing their fab lipstick color collection and on my way out of the store I took a peek at the eye shadows.  At a quick glance there was a beautiful shade of pink that jumped out at me and then my beauty bulb lit up.  M.A.C has the Pro Palette that allows you to create your own color palette in a compact.  I was on my way to finding my NARS Hula Hula twin color set – insert happy heel dance here.

I left M.A.C excited to return with my NARS palette so I could make the best color match possible.  There was no way I was going to even try to match the colors based off of my mom memory (all you moms know how that goes).  I have a good eye for color – but even I know my limits.  So back to M.A.C I went with my Hula Hula in hand and within a few magic minutes a match was made by Modern Mom!

Now I can sparkle it up with my NARS Hula Hula or I can tone it down with my M.A.C Hula Hula twin palette.  ♥ Loving my options with the best of both worlds.

NARS and MAC Eye Shadow



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