Sample Sunday – Jergens Natural Glow Lotion Beauty Review

Sun season is here but you couldn’t tell by looking at my pale little self.  Winter is long and by spring I look like I could be a member of the Cullen Clan in Twilight.  I like to go out in a dress with bare legs in the early spring months without blinding the neighborhood so I am always in search of a great self tanner to get me through the ‘white leg’ months.

My Glossybox has granted my wish. In my March box there was a  sample of Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer.  This was a must try right away for me and the timing was perfect as we were headed to Vegas and my skin needed a pick me up of color before I hit the pool.

I will start by saying that I have tried a few self tanners and have always been disappointed either by the streaking or the end color result.  Self tanners have come a long way but I am always a little skeptical – after all this is my skin tone I am messing with.  Last time I checked Mr. Modern didn’t marry a hot orange mess…

3 days to Glow is the message on the moisturizer –  concept being that with each day you use the moisturizer the darker the shade.  Sounds like a solid plan to me so I moisturize away.  The moisturizer  goes on like any other moisturizer I use and since I apply moisturizer everyday anyway, this was just a regular part of my routine (not an added task in my routine).  The moisturizer is white so when you apply you have to be diligent in making sure that you cover all your parts but I didn’t find that I had to go overboard and use tons of product to get an even coverage.

1st day to Glow • The first use went well and I felt that I had succeeded in applying the moisturizer to achieve my first layer of color.  The only issue I had was the smell of the moisturizer.  Self tanners always have a funny smell and even though they claim no odour on the package I still found the smell to be a little funky.  However, the smell was not going to deter me from my quest for a little color in my life.

2nd day to Glow •  I didn’t have a lot of extra color after the first day but after my second day I could definitely tell that my skin tone was darker.  On day 2 I could really tell how well my application technique worked.  Turns out I was doing something right as I did not have any streaking and the color was even all over.  I am a bit of a  freak when I apply regular moisturizer and always make sure that I am fully if not overly moisturized – it’s slightly obsessive – but a girls skin’s gotta be soft.  So the moisturizer/self tanner combo is a made for me.

3rd day to Glow • By the third day of  the 3 days to Glow project I was fully glowing… in a good way.  I no longer felt like I hadn’t seen the sun in 6 months and felt good and ready to take on the world tanned and ready to ‘glow’.

Natural Glow – One of  my new drugstore faves

Self Tanner Collage


2 thoughts on “Sample Sunday – Jergens Natural Glow Lotion Beauty Review

  1. Great review! Have you had any issues with color transfer (clothes, sheets, etc.)? That’s the primary reason why I’ve shied away from self-tanners over the years.


    • Great question and I agree, but I can say that I didn’t have any issues with color transfer onto clothing or anything else. The tanner really does act like a great moisturizer and left no color anywhere but on me. Such a sweet little find.



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