T-Shirt Dresses – Realistic for a Modern Mom?

tshirt_dresses469x469Things that make you go hmmmm…..

I am really loving the t-shirt dress look but can this Modern Mom pull it off without wrapping myself up in Spanx?

Just the idea of the t-shirt dress sounds like a little bit of comfy heaven.  We all love our basic t’s so why not go all the way in summer and turn our favorite t-shirt into a dress.

My fear of the t-shirt dress is that I would need to bring out my arsenal of tummy tucking, butt lifting, squeeze me tight under garments just so all my lumpy bumpy bits won’t scare small children as I walk down the street in the dress.  I don’t think the purpose of the comfy t-shirt dress is to squish everything within an inch of it’s life just to look good in the dress!

Perhaps one day I will brave the change room and try on one of these fab t-shirt dresses…without the spanx and with a little prayer. I’ll let you know how it goes….



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