The Bullseye Has Arrived

TargetIt’s official – Target nation has arrived in Edmonton and Target devotees are excited but I have to say that I am not a Target lover.  I don’t get it.  I’ve tried to be a Target lover, I want to be a Target lover, but I’m not.

My first visit to Target was a few years ago in Los Angeles.  All my friends and co-workers described their visits to Target on their trips to the States as the holy grail of all shopping destinations.  Mr. Modern and I were on a little ‘get away’ from the Mini’s for a weekend so while in L.A we rented a sweet little red convertible and cruised Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard and stopped at….Target.  Sounds glamorous right?!  Poor Mr. Modern – I dragged him into the Target even when he insisted that it would be a bust… and he was right.   I told Mr. Modern that I had heard that Target was kind of like a Walmart but with better clothing, shoes and cosmetics for the same prices or better.  Why wouldn’t I want to visit a Target if that was the case!

I think that my whole Target dilemma is that I like pretty things that fit right and and are made well.  So when I frantically searched the women’s clothing section for my perfect Target purchase I couldn’t anything that fit me the way I expected or wanted.   Sure you could reason that the price is so good that even if it doesn’t fit like a more expensive item does you should still work it for the price.   I can’t do it!

Last week the first Target in Edmonton opened up to great red fanfare so I thought that I would give Target another chance (see I’m trying) since the store is now in my own backyard.  Walking into the big red building I kept an open mind and was mildly pleased as I did find a few items to take with me to the change room. At the bottom of my try-on pile I found success and tried on a maxi dress that made me think twice.  The dress had a drawstring around the waist that I didn’t care for but I didn’t let that sway me.  In my mind I had accessory options in my closet already waiting for me at home to improve the outfit –  but at least the fit was finally there and the material was not see through.  I made my way with my one Target item through the checkout and when I got the dress home I tried it on with a belt and a big bold necklace and then I was a mostly happy Target shopper – with a little help from my closet.

I’m a little more hopeful with my past Target experience and now I am waiting for the Canadian Target’s designer collaboration fashion lines which bring affordable designer items into the store.  On my recent visit I did not see any collaborations to be had.  Maybe with the fall fashion line….sigh…

My Target Dress Success with belt and necklace

Target Success



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