LUSHious Lips

Lush sweet lipsPucker Up and get your lips ready for some sugary sweet bliss.

Lush’s Sweet Lips Scrub is an all natural sugar scrub for your lips and….it’s fabulous!  I had gone into the Lush store to specifically find this product as I had read about it’s virtues in a magazine.  I found the scrub and took a look at the tester and didn’t quite know what to do with it.  The scrub is in a little pot and when I opened it up I could see the sugar granule scrub but I wasn’t quite sure how to get the scrub from the pot to my lips gracefully.  So I had to recruit some help – Lush Lady to the rescue!

The Lush Lady was very helpful in her demonstration of how to use the scrub – comical actually.  She made me apply with her and I’m glad she did as I would have been too busy laughing while she was applying to pay attention!

So there we were – at the mirror – lips puckered – ready to go….                            1.  Use your finger and scoop some scrub out of the pot  2. Pucker up those dry little lips  3. Scrub the Sweet Lips on your soon to be sweet lips

Now this was the comical part – as we both were puckered up and scrubbing away because as you are scrubbing you can make a bit of a mess on your face if you are not a professional!  So there I was, with sugar on and around my lips, and there was the Lush Lady with the perfect scrub application and no sugar fallout.  Go figure.

Now for the best part of the Sweet Lips Scrub – well besides your great looking lips.  You can eat it!!  After you scrub you can lick your lips and satisfy your sweet tooth or you can take a damp cloth and wipe the scrub off.  I chose to satisfy my sweet tooth…cause that’s what I do…

The results of my lip scrub session with the Lush Lady?  Sugary sweet bliss is what it was.  My lips were so smooth and soft and the scrubbing revived the color in my lips so it looked like I had just applied a rosy lip balm.

Now that I am more ‘experienced’ in the use of the lip scrub these are my tips for easy application:

• start with dry lips (don’t lick your lips prior to applying or the scrub will not stick to you lips)

• less is more  – you can always scoop more scrub out if you need more

• apply a moisturizing lip balm on after your scrub ( I use Lush’s Honey Trap Lip Balm)

• if I don’t want to wear lipstick I scrub before I go out because my lips are such a nice natural color after the scrub

• scrubbing before  applying lipstick is also great because the scrub removes any flaky skin so the lipstick application is flawless

So go out and get sweet and scrubbed – your LUSHious lips will thank you.

Sweet Lips collage



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