Mothers Day Musings from Modern Mom

craft 1Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms who are being celebrated this weekend!  I always enjoy on Mother’s Day when my Mini Moderns say to me “Mom, today we are going to listen and be good all day because it’s Mother’s Day!”  I tell them “Thank you so much.  Today is going to be a great day!”  but in my head I am thinking “Let’s make Mother’s Day everyday for the love of my sanity for the remainder of the year!”

Raising my two Mini Modern’s is a job that I cherish.  I am blessed to be able to be at home for them before and after school.  I miss their faces during the day so it’s nice to be able to spend some time together after school.  Watching my mini’s grow up is rewarding, as I find with each year they grow, there is something new and unique about each of them that I can either nurture or in some instances…ignore.

My oldest Mini Modern is 12.  She reminds me of myself when I was a child – quiet, quirky sense of humor, a little on the moody side of life.   I love with each year I see her become her own person who isn’t afraid to follow her own path.  The path she chooses sometimes makes me think ‘what the …. is she thinking’, but at the same time I admire my unique daughter and her passions.  Mini Modern #1 is entering her tween years and she is starting to push the house rules – lights before bed don’t go off as early as they should kinda stuff – but I know that when I talk she is always listening even when she is rolling her eyes and saying “Whatevs Mom”.

My youngest  Mini Modern is 9.  She is me in a little body – took me a while to figure this out as we butt heads all the time – but a good friend made a very keen observation.  One day I was complaining about my crazy, loud, headstrong little girl who drives me out of my tree and my friend (with a straight face) said “Well of course she makes you crazy.  She’s just like you.”  I took one look at my friend, ready to argue her point but couldn’t…cause she is right.  Mini Modern#2 has definitely given my most of my gray hair but watching her grow up has also given me many laughs and special bonding moments with someone who is just like me.  Some days I wish she would just listen and follow the path of least resistance, but no, she has to put on her fancy dress and  heels and go her own way.

I like to take a little credit for my Mini’s as they grow.  Both my Mini’s are polite, respectful(most of the time – we all have our moments) and they are good sister’s to each other.  I always joke with them that they will be two 80 year old ladies living together with a couple of cats helping each other with their walkers.  That thought always creates funny conversation and smiles from the two Mini’s as I see in their eyes that they are thinking about themselves as ‘old ladies’ still hanging out together.   That thought makes me a happy mom.

So this Mother’s Day I look forward to spending some more fun times with my Mini’s – maybe we’ll go shopping – that would make one of my Mini’s very happy and the other Mini very unhappy….Can you guess which?



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