Retail Therapy – From my Kitchen Table

Morning with Modern MomA morning with Modern Mom looks like this:  drop kids off at school, tidy the breakfast dishes, make a cup of coffee, start up my laptop, visit Pinterest, check blog updates and emails and then… all is lost.  Maybe I should call this one of my guilty pleasures..  Who am I trying to fool…it’s my morning fix of retail therapy from my kitchen table.

My online weakness is designer deal shopping sites.  On these sites you have to ‘be a member’ or ‘sign up’ for their designer deals but once you are signed up you’re good to go!  Each morning the site sends an email to my inbox with all the designer deals of the day.

These are my fave sites to satisfy my fashion fix and search for style deals: – each morning they offer discounts of up to 80% for those who need their fashion fix.  The site offers deals on clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and sometimes beauty products.  The deals (they call them events) are on for a limited time and once the event ends they send out your product – right to you door.   They also have special shipping deals where if you order a product from one event and then order from another event on the same day you only pay the shipping once. – this is my absolute favorite site with really great deals and selection of designer products.  Hautelook is by Nordstrom and ships to Canada.  This site sends daily emails with events that run on a limited time basis.  I have found some really great deals here but you have to commit and click fast as this site is very popular. – has a great variety of designers at 10%-75% off.  This site is great as you can shop specifically by designer so navigating their site is easy if you are looking for a deal on something in particular like handbag or shoes by a particular designer you love.  They also have a neat feature where if the item you are coveting is sold out you can have the site notify you if they get the item back in stock. – this site is where you can shop for previously owned designer goods.  I check this website regularily for items designed by Chanel, Chloe and Marc Jacobs but you can find used items by designers like Louis Vuitton, Christian Laboutin, Jimmy Choo and more.  Keep in mind that the items are used – but I still have my heart set on a few Chanel items so this is my go to site for a little looksie. – This site reminds me of the Etsy site. The site offers funky apparel, decor and accessories.  I love the selection of items on the site and there is always something different that you don’t see in your local stores.  It’s Fab! – if you don’t live in an area with a Sephora location their website has everything that you could possibly need for your beauty box.  An added bonus –  with every purchase you get 3 free samples.  You know me…I’m a samples girl 🙂

A few sanity tips for online shopping:

• Create an email address just for your online shopping emails and orders – otherwise you may go cray cray with all the emails from the retailers in your regular inbox mixed in with, you know, actual important emails.

• Read the reviews on the product you want to buy.  I find the reviews from people who have already purchased the product really useful in helping me decide if what I see is what I end up getting.

• Read the fine print and shipping details before you check out.  There have been many times where I have fallen in love with something and then I find out it doesn’t ship to Canada or the shipping costs more than than the actual item!



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