Messy Make-Up Kit Be Gone!

Spring is a great time to ‘refresh’ your everything.  This past weekend my make-up kit was the next victim on my spring cleaning rampage. I was a little disgusted with our Alberta weather, as it was snowing again, so what better way to pass the day than giving my very messy make-up collection a make-over.

I always feel rewarded after I clean up, because as I am cleaning I always find products that I have neglected or forgot about because they were hidden behind or underneath something.  When I am done it feels like I have been shopping because I have re-discovered some products that I love but forgot about.   My youngest Mini Modern also enjoys when I clean-up because she benefits from the products that I don’t want any more.  She comes into my bathroom, her eyes light up and like the little glam girl in training that she is, scoops up all her inherited products, runs to her room and proceeds to try them all on her face at once!

The storage of my make-up has always been a challenge.  I used to have bits and pieces of everything scattered where ever they would fit in my bathroom.  Not the most ideal situation and I like things to look organized – Type A personality – you can’t ignore it….  So after some thought and not being able to convince Mr. Modern to build me a bigger better bathroom for all my make-up needs  (seriously..what’s his problem) – I settled on a train case to hold most of my products.

How do I decide what to keep and what to throw away you ask?  Simple – same rule as I have for my closet – if I haven’t worn it in a year or longer it’s means I don’t need it, love it or even like it anymore.  Plus some beauty products have expiry dates so those items are an easy basket shot to the garbage can.

As I was tidying I thought I would share some of my must haves for my kit:

♥ MAC Eyeshadow ♥ MAC Lipsticks ♥ NARS Eyeshadow ♥ NARS Multipurpose Make-Up Stick (Orgasm) ♥ Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes ♥  Dior Lipsticks ♥ Laura Mercier Foundation ♥ Tarte Mascara ♥  Dior Mascara ♥  Brow Gel ♥  Urban Decay Eye Primer ♥ Concealer and Finishing Powder ♥ Lashes ♥  Eye Lash Curler ♥ GlamGlow ♥  MAC Lip Primer ♥ Lush Sweet Lips Scrub ♥ Tarte Bronzer♥  Blush ♥ Fashion Tape (not sure why but this is where the tape lives) ♥ assortment eye and lip liners ♥ Yves St. Laurent Radiance Pen ♥ EOS Lip Balm

                            Do you see anything in my make-up kit that is in yours?                                 What’s your storage solution for your make-up collection?

Make Up Kit Collage


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