Hot for Heels

I don’t know about all of you, but this Modern Mom is….HOT for heels.
I cannot – let me repeat – I cannot get enough of the hot and sexy summer sandal heels in the stores that are calling my name.  When I try a pair of these heels on my ‘va va voom’ factor goes up by 100%.  Meow….
I can’t put my shoe shopping finger on what it is that makes me so hot for these heels.  Is it the ankle strap, the height of the heel, the open toe, the print or all of these qualities mixed together?
A girl could go crazy trying to reason with herself on the beauty of these heels so for now… I relish in the joy of my obsession for these HOT summer heels.
Are you hot for heels?

From Closet Chaos to Closet Contentment – Part 1

Your closet.  It can be a thing of great joy and beauty or just a mess…

I have been on both sides of the closet spectrum and somewhere in the middle at times but I am happy to be able to now say that I have a beautiful closet that I can keep the doors open on.  But this hasn’t always been the case….

My closet has had three different looks so far.  When we moved into our house 14 years ago the closet in my bedroom was a sad state of affairs.  It was the basic sliding 2 door closet with a single hanging bar and shelf.    Not a walk in, or shoe cabinet to be had.  Let’s just say I did not fall in love with our home for the closets.  Since our house had many more important renovations to be taken care of  my sad little closet stayed like it was for quite a few years.

Then out of nowhere we were in Home Depot and for some crazy reason we were inspired in the home organization aisle (inspiration on Aisle 5 please) and we decided that the closet in our bedroom could use an inexpensive mini makeover.  This means – Mr. Modern does not like to spend money or build things so get the cheapest and easiest closet organizer to set up.  Hey – I ‘ll take what I can get when I can get it!

Mr. Modern put together my Home Depot closet organizer with only a few swear words thrown in and then he let me loose filling the closet up again.  The set up was decent – I had hanging space and some shelving (more than the old closet so I shouldn’t complain) to store my purses and other odds and ends.  My shoes still did not have a permanent home in my closet – well actually the whole closet was not accessory storage friendly but for the moment I was good with my closet situation.  But still I longed for more….

5 years later….I get my Modern Mom closet wish.

 To Be Continued.

  Gasp…My closet is normally full but I had already started cleaning it out in gleeful anticipation of my new closet when I thought to blog about my closet woes and triumph.

old closet collage